Drunk on Love by Jasmine Guillory Blog Tour

Margot Noble needs some relief from the stress of running the family winery with her brother. Enter Luke: sexy, charming, and best of all in the too-small world of Napa, a stranger. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and Margot is delighted that she lucked into the perfect one-night stand she’ll never have to see again. That is, until the winery’s newest hire, Luke, walks in the next morning. Margot is determined to keep things purely professional, but when their every interaction reminds her of the attraction still bubbling between them, it proves to be much more challenging than she expects.
Luke Williams had it all, but when he quits his high-salary tech job in Silicon Valley in a blaze of burnout and moves back to Napa to help a friend, he realizes he doesn’t want to tell the world—or his mom—why he’s now working at a winery. His mom loves bragging about her successful son—how can he admit that the job she’s so proud of broke him? Luke has no idea what is next for him, but one thing is certain: he wants more from the incredibly smart and sexy woman he hooked up with—even after he learns she’s his new boss. But even if they can find a way to be together that wouldn’t be an ethical nightmare, would such a successful woman really want a tech-world dropout?
Set against a lush backdrop of Napa Valley wine country, nothing goes to your head as fast as a taste of love—even if it means changing all your plans.

I love Jasmine Guillory! Her characters are always so much fun to get to know and the story usually keeps me invested outside of the romance as well as inclusive of it. Of course, Drunk on Love does not disappoint in either of these. It was quite fun to read about Margot & Luke’s relationship (which started as a one night stand but then slowly becomes so much more). I love a strong female character and Margot is exactly that, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. The repercussions of Margot & Luke’s meet-cute drive the story and because of the employment aspect of it, bring a sense of anxiety to the whole plot. At least it did for me 🙂

I found myself completely invested in these characters and the situations they going through. I can’t get enough of Jasmine Guillory, which is why she is an auto-buy for me, and I hope she has many more stories for us!



Mini Reviews – April 2023

I’m starting April with seven (7) books left in the Black Dagger catch up so I think I’ve done pretty good!  Note – that seven doesn’t include the two new ones that I have my name down for at the library since they have not come in.

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey – Book one is the A Vine Mess series.  I’ve really liked this author’s books that I’ve read so far but I think this one might be my least favorite.  The spice was definitely less but there wasn’t even really a conflict; more glossed over mental illness crisis.  I will definitely be reading the next book – which is the sister of the male MC but I can’t help but hope for a certain landscaper to get a book later too?   3/5

The Ship of Dead by Rick Riordan (audio) – Book three is the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series.  Third book, third narrator.  This is probably my biggest issue – each narrator spoke differently and had different accents so it was harder to remain in the story.  Overall my second favorite of Riordan’s series though.  3/5

9 From the Nine Worlds by Rick Riordan (audio) – Oh look, more new narrators.  SIGH.  This is exactly what the title says, nine tales from the nine realms, it was just ok.   3/5

Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater – Book two in the Dreamer series.  I started and stopped this one multiple times.  Not because of the story – more because I wasn’t in the mood at the time.  I know there was a big reveal that I saw coming – but overall this story is full of action.  I still miss Gansey and Blue though.  Also, Declan is growing on me.  4/5

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik (audio/physical book) – Book one in the Scholomance series.  I tried to start this one on audio in the past but I struggled with the narrator so I moved to reading the physical book but then I moved back to the audio because these chapters are massive.  Nothing deters me from reading more when I don’t have a good stopping place.  This book dragged on for the first 1/2 at least but the story definitely picked up which was a surprise.  I think the best comparison I could give would be if Harry Potter and The Magicians met up and competed in The Hunger Games.  I’ll definitely be continuing with the series.  4/5

The Jackal by J. R. Ward – Book one in the Black Dagger Prison Camp series.  I made it to another series in this world!  For this one I looked up the characters on the wiki page before starting and went in reading thinking I wouldn’t like it very much.  While I did like the story overall I was NOT a fan of the female lead.  Bless her heart, she knows nothing of an underground prison but she is fully confident she can go at it alone and still get out?  WOW.  The male lead was gentle in nature (for the most part) but I wish he wouldn’t have hinted at his past and more just come out and said things.  Also, I would have liked a bit more backstory on the deaths of the people who did this to him because I was angry on his behalf.  3/5

A Warm Heart in Winter by J. R. Ward – Book 18.5 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  This one follows Qhuinn/Blay, a family that we learn who they are a bit later in the book, and Zsadist who is working through some things.  This is a tough one for me because I was really excited and it just didn’t meet my expectations.  Though I haven’t been Qhuinn’s biggest fan in the last few books, I loved his initial book with Blay and it was one of my favorites.  Same goes with Zsadist but they never bring him back.  I wish he’d be involved more in the series and his part of this book was a bit of a let down.  While he worked through some things they didn’t involve his family as much as others in past books.  The ending was a bit hokey but still good.  There would have been so much potential there though for another family to be set up if a few things would have changed just a little.  3/5

Lover Unveiled by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book 19 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  19?!  WOW.  I feel like I’ve been reading these books for so long now, I’m glad that I’m almost caught up and will just have to continue with new releases. Unfortunately we are back with Davina being a larger plot point again – she came back for a bit before but not to this level.  BLAH.  The Immortal series was the worst to me so I’m worried I will lose steam to finish up the series if this storyline is a long one.  Also?  This book was practically clean which is not the norm for this series – though that was more then norm for the other series.  I’m glad we are getting more brothers but I see Butch yet again has page time.  SIGH.  3/5

Claimed by J. R. Ward (audio)- Book one (another new series!) of the Lair of the Wolven series.  I’m closing in on this reread/catchup, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Unfortunately this book was off for me –  though it’s in the world and the secondary “story” was about Xhex it felt completely different and not a part of the world but forced into it.  The female MC was a complete moron, she never learned anything – just walked through life with blinders on and thinking that people won’t resort to horrible things just because she can’t or won’t.  Not everyone is a boy/girl scout.  This woman is the definition of privilege thinking she’s above the police and can demand them to leave murder scenes?  I hope we don’t have many books in this series if this is the way it will go.  80% in and we barely saw what the “issue” was – and what I thought was the entire point of the story – wolven people – was barely on one or two pages right at the end.  I almost gave this a two but since I did finish I’ll rank it up to a three. 3/5

The Wolf by J.R. Ward (audio) – Book two in the Black Dagger Prison Camp series.  We are more than 20 books in this world – I think we can lay off the recaps about Darius building the house for everyone.  And the cultural references are just silly at this point but I don’t know – maybe I’m just reading too many back to back.  Maybe once I’m caught up and only reading 1-2 a year these things won’t seem as frustrating.  Why are we still on Butch and Vishous? Ward is playing favorites and unfortunately her favorites seem to be the two I hate the most.  I can see where some others say Rio and Lucan are secondary in their own book. Overall it was ok but a bit of a let down. 3/5

Murder Your Employer:  The McMasters Guide to Homicide by Ruper Holmes (audio) – I first picked this up as a physical book but this was another font/didn’t like the chapter set-up so I had to switch to audio.  This was a quirky book with a quirky author (he wrote the Pina Colada Song!)  I enjoyed it though it was a slow start, the ending was darkly funny though.  4/5

The Dark King by Gina L. Maxwell – Book one in the Deviant Kings series. I can see the Katee Robert comparison – but the story side of this series was much more detailed.  There was more of a plot than I would have thought.  I’m not too excited to read the rest, more because I didn’t like the ending on this one but I will at least try to continue.  3/5

Dolly Parton, Songwriter by Dolly Parton (audio) – I just love Dolly.  It was great to hear her discuss her songs. 4/5

The Aftermath:  The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America by Philip Bump (audio) – So much information that I 100% agree on.  Boomers are going to ruin everything on their way out.  If I had a dollar for everytime the narrator said “In the print edition of this book” I’d be rich and wouldn’t need to stress about boomers and the ever changing economy. 4/5

Little Thieves by Margaret Owen (audio ) – Book one in the Little Thieves series.  I don’t know, it was weird that we have the villain starting out in her villain era.  Though she was mistreated to begin with I’m a big believer that it doesn’t give you the right to hurt others, I just didn’t see how I was going to feel sorry or care about her.  The story itself was good but it took way too long to even like the MC. There were almost no good people in the whole story. Storyline wise I think book two has the potential to improve my opinion of Vanja so bottom line it was a good book.    4/5

Weyward by Emilia Hart (audio) –     I’m not sure where I originally saw this book but I’d ordered a fancy UK copy so it was a while back.  I wasn’t in a rush to move this to the top of my TBR but after seeing a tiktok where someone was raving about it I decided to listen to the audio.  WOW.  How is this a debut?  This was at times a hard read but a wonderful one at the same time. Ms Hart will be a auto buy/read author from the jump. Check triggers warnings on this one though. 5/5

Wake Up With Purpose!:  What I’ve Learned in My First Hundred Years by Sister Jean –      A cute book about a cute sister. She is a sister though so there it is heavy on religious ideas. 3/5

End of April verdict?  I’m at 80 books this year!  If I can keep at the rate I’m going (highly unlikely, LOL) I’d be on track to read 240 books this year.  I’m still not making a huge dent in books at home yet but I am completing series’ so I’ll take that win.  I mean I’m down to four Black Dagger books and that INCLUDES the two new ones!

What about you guys? What did you read this month?


Mini Reviews – March 2023

Well I still have 12 more books to go till the April release in the Black Dagger series, let’s see how far I can get this month!

The Savior by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book 17 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Man this one got me and not in a good way.  I’m so mad at the Brotherhood, I don’t think I’ve ever been this mad over the direction of a book since I quit Maas for her BS series in which I literally threw the book. Why is Qhuinn a brother but not John?!  How is Murhder exiled after what happened but Xhex wasn’t?  Shit, some of the other brothers did worse than he did.  This pick and choose bullshit is getting old. Them just deciding to exclude John kills me.  Excuse my language but Qhuinn ain’t shit.  John is literally the BLOOD of the brotherhood, and God don’t even get me started on Butch’s bullshit induction.  They need to start growing because this is just crap.  But the “new” storyline was pretty great. 4/5

Blood Truth by J. R. Ward – Book four in the  Black Dagger Legacy series, not my favorite in the spin off – probably because we see so much Butch in it.  He “worked” the case of several girls that went missing and were killed and they say he solved it but really he didn’t do shit. Helaine did most of the work and like always Butch ain’t shit.  Side note I hope we get more babies soon in the series.  Also compared to Bella’s needing this was a blip.  It feels like Helaine’s time was glossed over.  3/5

Where Winter Finds You by J. R. Ward – Book 17.5 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  I’m officially in single digits with my catch up after this book!  This is  a novella – though I’m not sure why it is called that based on the length – that follows Trez and Therese’s relationship.  This was just an ok storyline.  I do like that Lassiter is getting more positive air time so to speak but Trez’s original story was horrible and I feel like this was a cop out.  3/5

The Sinner by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book 18 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Jesus can Butch not be in one book please?  He’s so stupid.  Really – please – just one book where he doesn’t talk and isn’t part of a subplot.  I do think the overall storytelling from the original books came back here.  I’m still mad about John as well, and Balthazar?  He’s family, what the hell is your problem?  UGH. 4/5

Mysteries of Thorn Manor by Margaret Rogerson – Book 1.5 in the Sorcery of Thorns books.  A small novella with the same characters and while cute and entertaining I don’t think I remembered enough from the first book to enjoy this completely.  Still a quick read so worth it.  4/5

The Light We Carry:  Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama (audio) – I just love to listen to her talk, she gives me hope that there are sane people still out in the world that want to do good and not abuse the system.  If you need a pick me up against all that has gone wrong over the last few years this is the book.  4/5

Saga Volume 10 by Brian K. Vaughan – It has been so long since I’ve read any of this series that I can barely remember the storylines.  It was just ok – I’m not liking where it has gone overall though.  3/5

A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham – Oh boy. I was so excited for a thriller set in Louisiana but I had to DNF.  I wanted to include it here because the Louisiana element was bad.  I’m not sure if this author has ever stepped foot in the state and frankly that took me out of the story and I quit.  This was enough that I decided to not even try to read her other book.  It felt like the Louisiana info was from a wiki page and not even correct at that.  DNF

Stranger Things:  The Tomb of Ybwen by Greg Pak – This one had a Bob flashback so it was cute.  I think the books might be a bit more fun to read overall though – once I get through all the graphic novels I will start those and report back. 3/5

Stranger Things: Erica the Great by Greg Pack – I think most show watchers love Erica but this was just an ok story.  Just a quick D & D game  with her friends. 3/5

Episode Thirteen by Craig DiLouie – I was very excited for this one – seemed to have a great supernatural element but when I picked it up it was marked as horror?  Was it a quick read?  Yes.  Entertaining?  Mostly.  Horror?  Not at all.  This was a big let down and none of it came fof as horror to me.  3/5

Gallant by V. E. Schwab (audio) – A quick audio, but a big let down.  I generally love Schwab’s books but this felt rushed and with a mediocre ending that didn’t resolve much.  It was short so I did finish it but this is something I won’t read again and probably won’t remember any details of later on.  3/5

The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan (audio) – Book one is the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. After renewing the actual book several times I decided it was time to move to audio.  That isn’t a reflection on the book as more of a reflection on my reading habits, audio is just easier for the most part nowadays. Though there is a lot more death in this series than others I think I ‘d rank it second in the Riordan universe.  As a Loki fangirl I found this entertaining though I’m not sure I like the light most of the Norse Gods are painted in.  A lot of bid dumb warrior vibes which could have been done better IMO.  Overall, I’m excited to continue the series.  4/5

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan (audio) – Book two in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series.  First, the narrator changed which led me to check on book three – another narrator.  As the voice changes it threw me off just a bit but 

I think I fell a bit behind this month – my audio listening definitely dropped, some days you just aren’t in the mood to listen to a book and I had quite a few of those days this month.

How’d you do this month?


Mini Reviews – February 2023

There was a lot to try and clear out this month.  I’ve optimistically put myself down for the newest Black Dagger book that comes out in April and I have about 18 stories/books to get through to be ready (totally cool, no pressure).  Let’s see how far I got this month!

The Chosen by J. R. Ward – Book 15 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Man, this is the first book from the BDB in awhile that I could have read in one day.  In fact, I think I would have but I started it later in the day.  There are more plots to follow this go so we jump around a lot.  We have Xcor and Layla (finally she gets a book!), Layla and Qhuinn, Qhuinn and Blay, Trez and Tres, and the start of some Vishous issues (I’m not a fan of where that story is going at all – these are supposed to be romance books). I was so angry with the King and Brotherhood for not immediately supporting Layla more when things went down.  As much as they revere the women of their species I would think things would have been a bit different to start.  Also, in this book I hated Qhuinn.  His lack of respect for anyone, including his partner, the mother of his children, and his king?  The fact that Layla is basically banished but he is doing what he is doing (I don’t want to spoil anything) and still allowed to be under that roof blows my mind.  And when he and Tohr join forces to directly disobey commands?  Hello pot, meet kettle. While I liked the end there was 500 pages of drama and maybe 15 or a resolution.  4/5

Bad Vibes Only by Nora McInerny – A book of relatable essays, some were funnier than others but majority were just ok.  It was a quick read though and if you are late Gen Z, Xennial, or Millennial I think you would enjoy this one.  3/5 

When a Killer Calls:  A Haunting Story of Murder, Criminal Profiling, and Justice in a Small Town by John E Douglas & Mark Olshaker (audio) – Very interesting, from the people behind the creation of profiling division of the FBI – this tells the story of the victims of one man, both confirmed and not.  It was extremely informative and if you like anything with true crime you will like this one.  If you love true crime podcasts I would definitely recommend the audio.  4/5

Blood Fury by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book three in the Black Dagger Legacy series.  Hands down one of the best so far – I think because we barely saw the brothers – so the crazy alpha talk was at a minimum and it was refreshing to have new characters for once.  I wish there would have been some vindication with Novo and her family though.  4/5

Dearest Ivie by J. R. Ward – Book 15.5 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. A novella set in the Black Dagger world but doesn’t need to be read before/after any of the books as it will not spoil anything but still there are characters in this that are in early books so it is nice to know their backgrounds so I’d stick close to the place listed in the series if you can.  Overall a great story but there seemed to be several spelling errors.  Also, I’m starting to really notice that Ward is a bit too descriptive.  Some of these books could be a lot shorter if she would say (for example from this novella) “she threw out the mascara” and not specify it was Maybelline and she threw out the green top and the pink bottom.  Unless she has some weird sponsorship deal I get it.  That being said, I really liked this story!  Less than 200 pages so a much more condensed story but it was better than some of the full length books by far. 4/5

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake (audio) – Book one in the Atlas series.  How many times did I borrow this audio before I finished?  No comment.  This was hard because I think I would have enjoyed the story more if I’d have read the physical book but I didn’t like the font/format so I went audio and I hated the narrators.  Do NOT listen to this in public without earbuds, things can quickly escalate in subject matter.   Did I like the story?  Yes.  Will I read the next book?  Also, yes but boy did the descriptors need to be cut down.  The author would repeat the same thing over and over, not even using new termanology to say the same thing that gave me high school report vibes when you needed to hit a word count.  There was also a point in the story, about the 80% mark, where I was debating quitting because of where the story was going but thankfully I did stick it out and the ending was better than I hoped for at that point.  If you like The Magicians you will probably like this as it comes off VERY similar.  3/5

A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney (audio) – A short book about the comedian and his family’s journey through the loss of one of their sons. I don’t think I’ve ever read/listened to a book that made me laugh and cry within the same page.  If you are dealing with grief this will be a cathartic read.   4/5

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace (audio/physical book) – Book one in the Belladonna series.  The idea behind this one?  Great.  The MC?  Horrible.  I really think I’m going to have to phase out more YA from my TBR because I’m just getting so angry at them.  I get they are kids and make more mistakes but they’ve reached a new level lately and this girl is 19.  The romance in this read more as a regency and not YA to me.  Based on the content and age of characters I’d say this is more “new adult” as some would say so just an FYI.  3/5

I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown – It is no secret I love her work so continuing my reading of her available backlog is slow going but enjoyable.  As with all of her books, I can relate with so much but cannot force myself to follow sound logic.  Shame controls so much in so many (myself included) and I hope we can all learn and improve at some point.  It took me forever to read this one, I much prefer any non fiction as audio, but I still loved it.   4/5

House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland (audio) – Man this started out with a weird bang.  I liked the story but again, I have issues with the YA aspect of this one.  And I guess spoiler alert – you are that in love/obsessed with your sisters but you kiss her boyfriend right after you see a tattoo of her actual face on him?  Weird and disturbing.  And what happens – I in no way feel bad for any of them – more so when one actually says something about “no one should have to see” a certain thing which is in fact what they did themselves.  Parts of this story were 4 or 5 stars but the characters and weirdness make it a 3 star. Nothing was truly resolved.  3/5

Lost in the Moment and Found by Seanan McGuire – Book 8 in the Wayward Children series. I liked this one more than some of the other stories but I will add a trigger warning like the author did in the actual book – there is grooming – but nothing Antsy can’t come back from.  The only bit I’m not sure about is how the ending came about – I would have liked a bit more closure. 3/5

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin – This was a cute regency that to me comes off as a rom-comish version of Pride & Prejudice.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the MC, being somewhat cruel to the family of the first “suitor” .  3/5

Darius by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book .5 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Though this is a prequel, if you don’t want to be (slightly) spoiled with some couples I suggest not reading until after The Savior (Book 17). I loved this book but it broke my heart.  If you’ve read any of this series you know Darius’s fate so you go in with that mark.  I only wish there would have been more time when Beth was born for them to be any sort of family and forgive each other.  The ending did make me cry which is a first for this series from what I can remember. 5/5

Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater – Book one in the Dreamer Series. I got about 40-50 pages in and thought I might be done with the Raven Boys as a whole but ended up pushing through and boy am I glad I did!  There was so much more to this story than the Raven Boys that I wasn’t sure what was going on at times.  I do have a few theories, I’m hoping to continue the series soon to find out if I’m right but it was a great book with a good ending that left you wanting more.  I hope we get to see a bit of the MCs from RB as well though. 5/5

The Thief by J. R. Ward – Book 16 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Have I mentioned that I hate Vishous?  And Jane?  The stories in this one read quickly but were not exactly enjoyable.  You have the “main” story which is Assail and Sola then Vishous and Jane, eh. 3/5

Prisoner of Night by J. R. Ward – Book 16.5 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, this is set in the world and the Brotherhood is mentioned but it can completely be read independent and not spoil anything, at least up to this point.  I liked this story, like I said before it is refreshing to see characters outside of the main set of brothers and spouses and a vampire cult?  Man so much more could have explored and made its own small series. 3/5

Radiant Sin by Katee Robert (audio) – Book four in the Dark Olympus series.  I’m starting to get characters mixed up and frankly these might be starting to get too much plot compared to the first book or two.  This one also had the darkest subplot.  I’ll probably keep going with the series but it was just ok.  Cassandra had a huge missed opportunity to change the events IMO but alas mythology was followed.  3/5 

Well, not bad I think for the shortest month of the year!  I’m down to 12 more Ward books so I’ve definitely made a dent there.  What did you guys read this month?


Mini Reviews – January 2023 Wrap Up

I think I started off the year on the right foot – I really want to get my TBR down, purge books I may not be interested any more, and clear my shelves as well. Though this is a start, it is a small one since so many of these were from the library or added more recently.

The Family Plot by Megan Collins – Well, I finished it.  The premise of this book was very intriguing but every single character in this book was weird and I mean really weird.  It might have helped if there would have been more background on any of them.  Also the side characters felt off too. Like there was so much potential for them as well but it was glossed over. 3/5

The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan – Book five in the Heroes of Olympus series.  I loved this book!  The POV switched so many times but there were so many stories going on at once that I appreciated it.  What a great end of the series, I’m sad to leave the Greek/Roman branch but next up I’m starting the Kane Chronicles over!!.  5/5

When a Scot Ties the Knot Bonus Epilogue by Tess Dare – Book 3.5 of the Castles Ever After series, this additional story checks in with most characters from the book as well as a wedding.  A cute bonus but it only makes me want another book in the series.  3/5

As the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell  (audio/physical book) – The last book of the Simon Snow trilogy.  I’ve finished another series!! Is this technically from my shelf?  Yes, but I won’t be getting rid of it, in fact I have two copies, LOL.  I dragged my feet in reading this one, as always I have issues with letting go of series but with a favorite author more so than usual.  With that being said?  The ending fell flat for me.  I felt like there wasn’t a full resolution to everything and then one character had a tidbit dropped about them that was never clarified and I think if I understood it correctly deserved more.  I think if we cut a bit out of the back and forth of Simon and Baz the actual plots could have had more time to develop and conclude fully.  3/5

Troy by Stephen Fry (audio) – Book three in Stephen Fry’s Greek retellings.  I really do love mythology – though it is so problematic – but as always I don’t think I will retain much of this. . .there are just so many names. This is probably my least favorite story.  A woman so beautiful that men fought decades long and not a single woman resented her and everyone was behind the war?  That’s utter nonsense. 3/5

The Lord Sorcier by Olivia Atwater – Book .5 in the Regency Faerie Tales series.  A quick prequel novella to start out the series and I absolutely loved it.  I loved the regency meets fantasy and I’m very excited to read the first full book soon!. 4/5

Scattered Showers by Rainbow Rowell – A collection of stories (some published in other collections or as single titles).  A quick read as I’ve read several of these stories already, but I think Winter Songs for Summer was my favorite. I would love a full book with these characters. 4/5

In Mercy, Rain by Seanan McGuire – Book 7.5 in the Wayward Children series.  This is a look back at when Jack and Jill landed in the Moors and how Jack adapted.  This was ok, it was just too short.  3/5

Skeleton Song by Seanan McGuire – Book 7.7 in the Wayward Children series. This one was extremely short.  The Skeleton world is shrouded in mystery and I would have loved a full book about it.  I’m hoping that is still possible later down the line. 3/5

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan – Book one in the Kane Chronicles, the only book in this series that will be a reread for me.  I remembered absolutely nothing of the story, I didn’t even remember character names, so it truly was like reading it for the first time.I really enjoyed it this go but not as much as the Greek stories.  I’m thinking that is mainly because I’m more familiar with Greek/Roman over Egyptian Gods.  The story did feel off though.  I’m used to having one MC for quests and whatnot but it jumped back and forth on who was in charge.  Also, Sadie is twelve – she’s flirting with 16 year olds?  Now I get he really is a thousands of years old God but is that any better?  We are in Twilight territory here.  3/5

The Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan – This is the first of three Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover stories.  This story was included in the copy of The Red Pyramid that I read but I definitely feel like I shouldn’t have read iti yet.  I really liked Carter and Percy meeting, though I wish they would have shared more info with each other. 3/5

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan & Orpheus Collar (graphic novel) – This is a graphic novel version of book one in the Kane Chronicles and I didn’t care for it.  They pulled so much more of the story than the Greek graphic novels did and there was one bit that was added that felt too adult for a YA novel to me.  I’m hoping the others are better.  3/5

Notes on an Execution by Danya Kukafka (audio) – I’m not sure where I found this one, I think it was on my library’s libby account.  This was such an interesting book, see death and the death penalty seen from all sides and the consequences of your actions whether you are the one behind bars or the person who tried to put them there.  The death penalty is a dividing topic among so many,  This would make an excellent book club choice for the discussions alone.  4/5

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan – Book two in the Kane Chronicles.  I feel like we are missing chunks of the story.  These new initiates are established characters yet we know nothing about them.  I do have an idea of how this series should in and overall this has been an entertaining series but to circle back from the first book – we still don’t have a true “MC”.  I don’t care for how one minute Sadie can read a spell that could literally burn her eyes out but the next she throws a temper tantrum because she wants a day off with four days till the potential end of all existence? Again these are kids but she is still 12!  I think they should have aged both siblings by a couple years and some of these storylines I might feel better about.  3/5

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan & Orpheus Collar (graphic novel) – This is a graphic novel version of book two in the Kane Chronicles.  Well,  just like the first one I didn’t care for the changes.  Something that was a plot point that took up multiple chapters is gone while discoveries made by one person were given to another.  I don’t get why all three books have a graphic novel when the Heroes of Olympus wasn’t finished. Those were much better IMO.  3/5

Find Your People by Jennie Allen (audio) – This is basically religious Brene Brown.  I adore Brene but am not a religious person so this isn’t the book for me. DNF 

 Meredith, Alone by Claire Alexander – Whew.  Trigger warning for assault victims.  I think Meredith is the most relatable character I’ve read in quite awhile.  So much of her issues with not leaving her home, etc are things I’ve seen in myself.  I think most millennial and xennial age people should give this a read.  4/5 

The Emperor of Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee (audio) – I’ve had a copy of this book since it was published in 2010 so it is something that has been on the TBR quite a while and when my library got the audio version I knew it was time.  I find things on cancer interesting, I’m always wanting to learn, as I’ve lost several relatives to the disease, my mother included.  I definitely learned new things but I can guarantee I will forget a minimum of 95% of this book long term.  It is a very informative book but not an exciting book if that makes sense? 4/5

The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan – Book three in the Kane Chronicles.  Look at me finishing another series!  I’m trying to get all of Riordan’s series caught up, I’d originally read the book one years ago so I wanted to reread and continue on.  I’m torn.  Did I like the mythology even though I’m not as familiar with it?  Yes.  Did I like the characters *cough* Sadie * cough*?  No.  I’ve never seen a teen character in a hero series this delusional about everyday teen things and the end of the world.  You literally have days to fix everything and you think it is ok to run off to a dance but you can’t hear out a fellow trainee?  I’m glad these are over.  3/5

The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan & Orpheus Collar (graphic novel) – This is a graphic novel version of book three in the Kane Chronicles.  I mean, same as above but again these adaptations to graphic novels on this series were not good IMO.  They combined and left out the weirdest things to me.  3/5

Well Traveled  by Jen DuLuca (audio) – Book four in the Well Met series.  Absolutely my least favorite of the series so far.  It was over 50 % into the book before they talked about anything romantic and there wasn’t much at that.  This wasn’t instalove but it wasn’t slow burn either so I just couldn’t invest in it.  3/5

The Staff of Serapis by Rick Riordan – This is the second of three Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover stories, this one following Sadie and Annabeth.  Yay. (insert eye roll) Overall I didn’t hate this as much as I thought I would.  Sadie was definitely more tolerable here – though her spells seemed a bit more advanced than when we last saw her and both she and Annabeth were too free with information in my opinion.  3/5

How to Do the Work by Dr. Nicole LePera (audio) – This is a hard one.  I started following Dr LePera on twitter after seeing so much of myself in the information she was providing so I wanted to read both her new book and her first book. Her first book has a lot of good information BUT most of it is nothing new .  The entire section about “self care” and being “selfish” really threw me.  The example she gave was to have a healthy relationship with her sister, she couldn’t talk about their mom and her care?  She talks about basically cutting her entire family out to prioritize herself and frankly that sounds crazy.  I completely get needing to set boundaries and everyone has a different breaking point but I just  cannot believe this point of view. I know that if I was told by my sibling that the only way they could have any relationship with me is if they stopped helping care for our parents and leaving everything to me I wouldn’t want that relationship.  Yes, you should take time for yourself but there should be compromises in everything.  2/5

The Crown of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan – This is the last of three Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover stories, this one featuring all four MCs.  This story I actually liked.  I didn’t hate Sadie in this one and I think if there could be more like this one they should continue to meet up in the future. 3/5

What Lies in the Woods by Kate Alice Marshall – This is my first book by this author, her adult debut, but I do have one of her YA books down as TBR.  It definitely reads quickly, there are short “chapters” for the most part but also there aren’t chapters.  I’m a big person on setting small reading goals so I usually count out chapters for stopping points and not have chapter numbers threw me off. I saw a lot of positive reviews for this book and how they didn’t see the twists coming but for me I figured it out fairly early on in the book what had happened.  It was still a good story, just know going in there isn’t a single redeemable character in this book.  3/5

The Mysterious Study of Doctor Sex by Tamsyn Muir – Book.5 of the Locked Tomb series.   I don’t know what I just read.  I feel like I was dropped into a world and given no backstory.  I definitely want to continue with the series and try the first full book but I don’t think this story should be read before it if you haven’t started yet.  I’m hoping book one will have a bit more backstory to work with.  3/5

The Beast by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book 14 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  This is the second book that centers around Rhage, probably another one of my least favorite of the brothers. I’m sorry – but (SPOILER ALERT) him sleeping with someone else while being with Mary in their original book is not forgivable for me.  I can say though this book was better than their first, I’m hopeful that things are looking up in the series.  It would be nice to have a bit more info on the secondary story but I’m sure more will come out in the next book. 4/5

Heroes by Stephen Fry (audio) – Book two in the author’s Great mythology series.  I think the stories are somewhat sticking now but are still disturbing.  I do like Stephen’s voices and side notes.  3/5

Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater – Book one in the Regency Faerie Tales series.  I love this book!  It was so much fun and I loved having a regency with fantasy that worked.  The only thing I think I would have liked added was more POVs.  5/5

The Latch Key by Olivia Atwater – Book 1.5 in the Regency Faerie Tales series.  A quick story about one of the children saved and Elias as a child.  Interesting and I can’t wait to read more in this world.  4/5

Blood Vow by J. R. Ward (audio) – Book two in the Black Dagger Legacy series.  Eh.  There was a whole lot more Rhage and Mary in this one and I would have liked a break from them after the last book because it felt even more repetitive.  The “main” story was also just ok.  There was almost no talk before things got intense and the instalove from there just was a lot.  3/5

What about you guys? What did you start the year reading?


Mini Reviews – December Wrap Up

I didn’t quite hit the new reading goal I set for myself to hit by the end of 2022 but let’s see what I did read this month.

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, Robert Venditti, & Nate Powell – This is the graphic novel version of the first  book in the Heroes of Olympus series.  I decided to skip rereading the first three books to continue on with the series so to refresh I’m reading these and some reviews online.  I really liked this, it refreshed my memory more than some of the reviews I’ve read as well.  Just like the books, these are larger than normal graphic novels.  If you love the book, you’ll love this as well.  3/5

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan, Robert Venditti, & Orpheus Collar – I really enjoy these graphic novels, I don’t know why they didn’t continue past this one.  It really helped me out remembering everything – here’s hoping I don’t feel completely blindsided by starting the next book. 3/5

A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill – I got about a third of the way through and just wasn’t motivated to continue.  It was listed as horror and there really wasn’t much in the bit I read.  I did read a review that the first half is basically a completely different book than the second half but it just lost me.  DNF

The Demon’s Bargain by Katee Robert – Book two in the Peculiar Tastes series and book four (though three hasn’t come out) in the Deal With a Demon series.  After reading this one I think I won’t be continuing the Peculiar Tastes series but will stick with the Deal With the Demon one.  I liked this one more than the Kraken one but not by much.  The story felt off somehow.  3/5

The Becoming by Nora Roberts – Book two in the Dragon Heart Legacy series.  It took me a while to start this one, I carried it around a lot, but once I started I read it pretty quickly.  I really like that Ms Robert’s books have a plot but not something that is complicated to follow and wrap up pretty quickly.  My only real issue (if you could even call it that) with this one is how her BFF seemed a bit too over the top/cliché.  I do look forward to the last book of the trilogy, I hope there is at least one wedding in it.  4/5 

The Choice by Nora Roberts – Book three in the Dragon Heart Legacy series.  I dragged my feet on finishing book two but for book three I had to hurry because my library loan was overdue.  YIKES.  This was a great series, I wish we had gotten a bit more romance for the MC but it was a great story overall.  Nora Roberts’ books are kind of like Hallmark movies, a new one is always there but they are satisfying all the same.  I like that it is fantasy but doesn’t dig too deep so I can easily stop and start the book without overthinking.  If you never read high fantasy, etc but would like to branch in that direction I think a series like this would be a good starting point. 4/5

Barbarian’s Prize by Ruby Dixon – Book five in the Ice Planet Barbarians series. I’m trying to get back to this series since I’m keeping my kindle unlimited subscription for the time being.  It was a quick read as they all have been but hands down I’m looking forward to the next book just for how things ended in this one.  Overall though the books are the same plot, just different names.  3/5

Barbarian’s Mate by Ruby Dixon –  Book six in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.  Man, these men (aliens) that are thought to be bullies but are just so guarded are breaking my heart.  I was super excited for this one because Josie was such a delight in the other books and with the grumpy/sunshine aspect but I just didn’t like her.  She was horrible.  All she wanted was to be wanted but she so violently and publicly kept rejecting her mate.  She came around in the end, which isn’t a shocker, LOL.  3/5

Having the Barbarian’s Baby by Ruby Dixon – Book 6.1 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.   This is just a quick novella surrounding Megan and Cashol around the birth of their baby.  Cute overall.  3/5

Ice Ice Babies by Ruby Dixon – Book 6.2 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series. Another novella, following Nora and Dagesh after the birth of their twins.  It was ok but I think I would have liked a story more around the birthes.  3/5

Demon in the Wood by Leigh Bardugo – A graphic novel about the Darking?  SIGN ME UP.  I’d really love a prequel series about his rise to power.  Love it, not shocked.  4/5

Blood Kiss by J. R. Ward – Book one is the Black Dagger Legacy.  I’m bothered that we have others that haven’t had full books yet and not only are some couples getting two books but people that have literally been in one or none are getting one?  With that being said it was hard to connect with the characters.  I like the idea of the training center and bringing in “new blood” but Butch and V are two of my least favorites and were the ones running the show so it didn’t hit for me, true?  (See what I did there?) I’m also not a fan of the way the say things.  It comes off douchey.  Fingers crossed we hit a good patch in the books soon.  3/5

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan – Book four in the Heroes of Olympus series.  I thought I’d never started this one but according to my goodreads I did read about 25% before but I can safely admit I didn’t remember a bit of what I should have read the first go.  These books always make me drag my feet because of their size but once you start them the story moves so quickly. 

How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell (audio) – I’m not 100% where I saw this one, maybe on goodreads?  Anyhow – this was not good.  The idea behind it and what was in the majority of the book didn’t match. I do not know the author so I’m not sure if she is popular in certain circles but this was just a book about her personal experiences and referencing a few other works.  Also?  The entire book was six chapters long.  SIX.  If I wouldn’t have listened to it I would have never made it through.  All that aside, I finished the book so it gets a mid rating.   3/5

Everything For You by Chloe Liese (audio) – Book five in the Bergman Brothers series.  I really do like this series but the narrator threw me on this one.  I could hear him swallowing when I’m assuming he was drinking while reading?  Also, the way he pronounced “refrigerator” made me do a double take so he took away from the story for me.  I like that this author has some sort of normal issues with everyone that makes these stories much more realistic.  This one follows Oliver and his love interest. a fellow soccer player.  I think if I would have read this instead of listening I might have enjoyed this a bit more. 3/5

Grief is Love by Marisa Renee Lee (audio) – It’s been roughly seven years since I lost my mother but I still struggle with it daily so I always seek books on grief.  This hands down is the most relatable one I’ve found to date. If you struggle with grief in any way this book will make you feel less alone in the world. 4/5

What about you? What are you reading now? Have 2023 reading goals? Let me know! I’m heading over to goodreads now to set my new goal.

Happy Reading!


Mini Reviews – November Wrap Up

I have (or had since I’m posting this the month after writing) two months left and I want to keep up my reading momentum.  I really need to buckle down and start saving again so the more I read the less I shop.  I’m setting myself a goal for November for 20 books.  I think this is absolutely possible as I’m off the entire week of Thanksgiving, but who knows – Christmas is coming and shopping for gifts will need to start soon. 

What did I read this month? Well, first I only got to 8 or the 20 I was hoping for so I wasn’t off to a great start but to be fair to myself I got sick during Thanksgiving week (which tends to happen when I take time off).

The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson – I really enjoyed The Last Chance Library so I’d been looking forward to this book for a while now.  Did I like it?  Yes.  Was it as good as Last Chance Library?  No.  Overall a great story, I cried at least once, I feel like we skimmed the surface of the “romance” in the book; it felt a little too insta love.  Still an author I’ll be sure to follow for future books. 3/5

The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan – Continuing on my re-read to finish the series’, book 4.5 in the Percy Jackson series.  This one has three novellas, character interviews, and information/drawings on the Gods.  Something quick, skipping it would have been ok, it was just a few adventures from between books. 3/5

Stranger Things:  Into the Fire by  Jody Houser – A graphic novel set in the world of Stranger Things that follows the kids from the lab that escaped trying to find others that made it out.  Being as this didn’t really have the Stranger Things people it was just ok for me.  3/5

Stranger Things:  The Bully by Greg Pak – A graphic novel set in the world of Stranger Things.  This barely had any of the characters from the story so I’m happy it was so short because I wasn’t drawn in at all.  I finished it though so. . . 3/5

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna – This was a book I was very excited for – when you compare The House in the Cerulean Sea I’m in, plus this was a buddy read with some book friends (Daphne included).  In short?  I LOVED IT.  It was 100% its own story but I can see where it had the same vibes of Cerulean.  I truly love a found family and the sprinkle of magic didn’t hurt. I’m happy I ordered a special edition because this is a book I will want to read again. 5/5

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo by Rick Riordan – A quick novella where Percy and Grover run a quick errand for a God.  Cute as always.  3/5

A Very Krampus Holiday by Katee Robert – A kindle unlimited novella just in time for the holiday season.  A quick read and as always I’m always surprised by how much Katee can fit into such a small novella (that’s what she said).  3/5

The Death God’s Sacrifice by Jenny Nordbak – Book one in the Peculiar Tastes series, a monster romance series by different authors but set in the same world.  I picked these up because Katee Robert’s book in the series is a character in another series she has that I’ve been reading.  I’d say this one was just ok, though this story felt like it wasn’t over.  I didn’t see anything upcoming on the author’s page but there is a lot of potential to keep going.  3/5

As you can see I failed miserably at meeting the goal this month but I did hit 200 books for the year so far! I hope I can do better to close out the year with a bang.

What about you? What are you reading? What are your top 2023 anticipated titles?


Mini Reviews – October Wrap Up

Another month of being behind on posting what was read, it is over halfway through November!  I’m going to attempt to again make monthly reading lists just for the sake of really needing to downsize the books I own.  It is getting out of hand and my shelves are maxed out but something tells me I’m only going to read library books or books I know I want to keep, it is a vicious circle. SIGH.  

Suicide Forest:  The Mystery of Aokigahara by Roger Harrington –  This was something I found on Kindle Unlimited.  I’ve always wanted to know more about this forest, I guess morbid curiosity but the grammar was horrible.  I had to reread some parts several times to understand the meaning behind certain pieces.  3/5

Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon – Book four in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.  I got this one from KU because I didn’t want to start a full book yet.  This one was a bit strange.  The lack of understanding the language felt awkward to read  at times.  I like that we are finally seeing some of the babies be born though.  3/5

Ice Planet Honeymoon:  Rukh & Harlow by Rudy Dixon – Book 4.5 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.  These are just ok, no real story on the honeymoons since they are busy with “other” things. 3/5

A Mirror Mended by Alix E Harrow (audio) – Book two in the Fractured Fables series.  A quick listen, entertaining but some things seemed forced and not like the first story.  The vibe was off.  3/5

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon – Book one in the Tempting Monsters series.  I started this one a long time ago and gave up but with kindle unlimited I’m trying to go back to the books I started.  I actually like this one, there was a story though not much of one.  I look forward to the next book in the series.  3/5

I Choose Darkness:  A Holiday Essay by Jenny Lawson (audio) – A super quick listen, just an essay about Halloween.  Cute.  Nostalgic.  3/5

Night Country by Meslissa Albert (audio) – Book two in The Hazel Wood series.  I like where this story went but the build up seems a bit much so the ending was more rushed to me.  I want the pay off.  3/5

The Boy Who Didn’t Come Home by Melissa Albert (audio) –  Book 1.5 in The Hazel Wood series. This follows Finch after they separated at the end of book one.  A good read but not mind blowing.  3/5

Ice Planet Holiday by Ruby Dixon – Book 4.75 of the Ice Planet Barbarians. This was a longer novella surrounding the girls as they try to recreate the holidays to cheer everyone up.  I liked this but the small glimpse we got of the new couple makes me sad because I would have loved a full book with them.  There was the potential for a great story.  3/5

Aokigahara:  The Truth Behind Japan’s Suicide Forest by Tara A. Devlin – Another Suicide Forest book on KU.  Another book with a severe grammar issue.  I do find the forest interesting, I would like to read something a bit more put together about it.  3/5

The Company of Fiends by Kathryn Moon – Book two in the Tempting Monsters series from KU.  This one follows a MC that performs at the theatre featured in book one.  I did not care for this one much.  The “why choose” is fine but it didn’t feel like it made sense.  It felt more like I don’t want to lose her so I’ll do this as opposed to actually wanting/being ok with the set up.  3/5 

Fairy Tale by Stephen King (audio) – Hands down the best book I’ve read all year!  This is something completely different that I would never associate with SK’s name and it was really good.  You give me someone who would do anything for the dog and I’m in.  Spoiler alert if you need – the dog lives.  I was very worried and had to spoil the end for myself to make sure. This would have been 5 stars but at the end it felt a bit weird and some of the scenes didn’t mesh into the story IMO.  4/5

Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen – This is my first book by this author and it will absolutely not be my last.  I’m not sure where I saw someone talking about this one but I was intrigued enough to pick it up from the library.  This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, I think I got about 30% in or so and knew I’d read this again and that it would be a five star read unless the story took a dramatic turn.    For anyone struggling with loss, anxiety/rejection, etc this is your book.  It read quickly, had multiple POVs (which I personally love) and found family, something we all could do with a bit more of.  5/5

Lightlark by Alex Aster (audio) – Book one in the Lightlark series.  First, Booktok is toxic AF.  This book wasn’t bad, but very predictable – typical of a YA trope.  I’d definitely pick up the second book but it would more than likely be borrowed from the library.  This did have Hunger Games vibes but mixed with Caraval.  The romance(s) could have used a bit more work and the villain aspect/consequences of their actions would have come off more believable if there was a bit more work put in.  3/5

The Kraken’s Sacrifice by Katee Robert – Book two in the Deal With a Demon series.  This was extremely disappointing.  This was not a monster romance, there was too much going on with the amount of grief and then the aborted pregnancy so if anything more like monster fiction?  While both topics that are 100% ok to include in books and talk about that took up at least 80-90% of the book and while I generally enjoy this author’s books it felt like she was trying to force too many contemporary elements into a book that isn’t long enough.  I’m hoping this will pick back up on the momentum for the next book.  3/5

Stranger Things: Science Camp by Jody Houser – A graphic novel set in the Stranger Things world, this takes place while Dustin is at camp.  Cute, these are really helping tide me over until whenever the next season comes out though I know for a fact I will run out way before that point.  3/5

Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons by Jody Houser – A graphic novel set in the Stranger Things world, this shows the introduction to Dungeons & Dragons so fantasy within a fantasy.  Cute, though the more I see him the more annoyed I am with Mike. 3/5

The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber (audio) – Book two in the Once Upon a Broken Heart series.  SIGH.  I think I’m just growing away from YA books because my God I want to punch this girl.  I had to quit, maybe I’ll be in the mood to continue at a later date but this was just too juvenile – much more so that I’d say for a YA and for the second book in a series.  DNF

Let’s see how long it takes me to post November’s wrap up next month, LOL. What are you guys reading? Any recs?

Have a great holiday break!


Mini Reviews – September Wrap Up

Another slow month reading and a slow post to follow. Real life work takes up a lot of time right now. Let’s see what I got to this month. . .

Heir by Katee Robert – Book two of the Vampire Bloodlines series.  I’m not sure how to feel about this one.  Though the previous book ended in a cliffhanger I was a bit less invested in this one.  I loved that there is a crossover with the Demon series though, that series seems more entertaining overall.  3/5

Queen by Katee Robert – Book three of the Vampire Bloodlines series.  I’m not sure what I expected for the conclusion other than SPOILER ALERT I wish we would have actually found out who the father was?  3/5

Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon (audio) – Book two in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.  My library got books 2-4 so I shall continue on!  I find this one was a bit repetitive; some areas could have used a thesaurus.  Also, the fact that the alien knows some graphic terms in regards to certain acts but doesn’t understand “nope”? I mean I get it, it is all made up but those two things don’t mesh IMO.    Also, it was very obvious that parts of the audio were re-recorded and patched in – it was not a seamless transition.  Will I keep reading? Absolutely.  3/5

Ice Planet Honeymoon: Raahosh & Liz by Rudy Dixon – Book 2.5 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, just a quick trip to see what they have been up to but the Raahosh in this novella did not seem like the same from the book, the vibe was off.  3/5

Sense and Second-Degree Murder by Tirzah Price (audio) –  Sense and Sensibility is hands down my favorite of the Austen titles so I was very excited but like the first in this series it fell flat for me.  Overall entertaining but it just feels like it didn’t reach its potential. 3/5

Left on Tenth by Delia Ephron (audio) –  This was a strange memoir.  I loved the second love found late in life and having a great support system for when she was sick but it didn’t feel like any of the stories were told fully, more like a quick summary and move on.  I would have liked more. 3/5

Book of Night by Holly Black (audio) – I dragged through the first half or so of this one. . . it wasn’t boring but it didn’t pull me in either.  I saw a few people mention a twist so I was looking forward to finding out what happens and then when I got to it I wasn’t shocked at all.  I don’t know, maybe I’ve just read too many similar books?  I’m still going to read the sequel, though probably from the library.  3/5

Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon (audio) –  Book three in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, one of the “fan favorite” guys I believe?  Overall the one with the most plot so far though I know many aren’t there for the plot.  I am starting to be bothered by Vektal though, the caveman mentality is good in small doses. not constantly. 3/5

Ice Planet Honeymoon: Aehako & Kira by Ruby Dixon – Book 3.5 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.  I mean, there isn’t much to say about these quick blurbs.  Entertaining. I’m always amazed at how much can be put into this novellas. 3/5

Most of what I read was on kindle unlimited, so I guess a win?  I’m using the free time I have! I think I’ll keep it for now and see if it continues to be a beneficial investment. What did you read?


Mini Reviews – August Wrap Up

This was a very slow reading month. The last few months of the year are always busy so it is not surprise. Let’s see what I read.

Stuck with You by Ali Hazelwood – Novella two in the STEMinist series and probably my favorite.  I’m not sure what got me; the forced proximity, the insta love (well not quite but pretty dang close), or the big silent mountain sized man.  What does that add up to?  A very cute story.  It was weird reading these out of order, I read the third, then first, and then the second one last due to library holds.  It wasn’t as horrible as I thought to do this but I hope I never have to again.  4/5

Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score (audio) – Another fun read from who seems to be a new favorite author.  It was kept light-hearted for the most part but I do feel that the MC’s “issues” were a bit ridiculous.  I know everyone processes things differently but from what happened to her to how she was acting didn’t match IMO.  I loved the ending, wrapped everything up and I truly appreciated that.  4/5

When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn (audio) – Book six of the Bridgerton series.  I took a break from my reread and now I’m back.  Francesca is the one kid we barely see in the entire series but she by far has one of the best books.  I love the setting but I’m not a fan of the second choice feeling here.  I always wanted Michael to be the first but I’m glad the families were so kind and understanding about it. I’m really curious how they will portray her first marriage in the show.   3/5

When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn: Second Epilogue (audio) – A great second epilogue, it makes me happy that they were able to have the child they wanted so much.  4/5

Bravely by Maggie Stiefvater – Merida and Stiefvater?!  Sign me up.  Merida is my favorite princess, I love a good mother/daughter dynamic so I was beyond excited to start this one.  Finish though?  Unfortunately that took awhile.  I found the story a bit boring but the idea of it was great.  There is a lot that could be expanded here and if I’m to believe that ending I’m going to need more details on the inbetween (Don’t want to spoil for anyone so vague it is).  This could have been twice as long or at least two books so the rest could be fleshed out but it is Merida so that alone gets a decent rating.  3/5

Do you Want to Start a Scandal by Julia Quinn – Book five of Spindle Cove and book four of Castles Ever After.  I’m not sure if this is the last book in these two series?  They were published five years ago so there is a good chance.  This book was just ok to me.  There was a larger age difference but I’m not sure how big since the male MC age wasn’t specifically said that I can remember and that was a bit off putting but I think the bigger issue is this didn’t happen in Spindle Cove or a castle, the whole point of the two series.  This was just a character from each series.  I also felt like there were some unresolved issues that weren’t addressed with minor characters.  3/5

The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle by Matt Cain – When I saw the blurb on this one it just gave heartwarming vibes that I knew I needed to pick it up.  I can say after reading the “if you like Fredrik Backman & T.J. Klune” I was very excited, I haven’t read a book of either author that I haven’t loved. When I was about halfway through I stopped and ordered a copy because I knew I’d want to keep it (I’d originally picked it up from the library.) Albert was so relatable about how scars as young adults can shape your adult life and how we treat ourselves like we are not worthy of happiness because of the past and our choices.  I loved everyone in the book, I think I would have liked a little more at the end and a few small plot changes would have rounded it out to me but it was a great, heartfelt read.  4/5

Wicked Beauty by Katee Robert (audio) – Book three of the Dark Olympus series.  This is a tough one to rate.  I think storyline wise this is the best by far but honestly I don’t like how the “terms” so to speak were set.  To each their own but I just can’t get past an open relationship when there are already three people in this one.  If it would have stayed closed I might have gone up to a four.  3/5

Sacrifice by Katee Robert – I have a 3 month free kindle unlimited trial that is 2 months in and I haven’t attempted to read anything so I wanted to start looking at authors I know or wish list kindle editions.  Book one of the Bloodline Vampires series, this is a reverse harem book that was recently published as a special edition at Barnes and Noble. It was probably my favorite of the three (I’m writing this after I’ve read all of them) and it definitely made me want to read more books by her (as you’ll see below) . It’s been a bit since I’ve read a vampire book outside of the Black Dagger Brotherhood so it was a slow start on the vampire aspect but the spicy scenes started QUICK. 4/5

The Dragon’s Bride by Katee Robert – Book one in A Deal With a Demon series. This is the only the second monster romance I’ve attempted, I quit the first one (though I’m not sure why at the moment), but I really liked this one! I liked that we went to another realm and saw a different way of living. There were some anatomy challenges that were thought inducing but still a great read. I will definitely pick up the second book. 3/5

Well, that’s it. A slow month in reading and an even slower attempt at posting since we are almost in October and I’m just getting to August but what you have been reading? Have any monster romance recs?