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Taking it Personal: Which books have effected you on a personal level and lingered in your mind long after you closed the pages?

Virgins by Caryl Rivers –  This book came out in the 80s so I don’t know if too many other people have read this one, but you should!!  I remember borrowing this book from my aunt when I was about 13-14 thinking there was no way she would let me borrow it.  I mean it’s called Virgins, you know something is going on in that one.  This book was probably my first foray out of the Christopher Pike/RL Stine grouping.  LOVED IT.  It’s set in the 50s and follows two best friends at an all girls Catholic school and their adventures into a certain area. 🙂  It’s been a really long time since I’ve read it so I don’t want to assume I remember too many details but I laughed alot reading it.  If you do venture out, read it and love it like I did there is a sequel called “Girls Forever Brave and True” set in the 70s.  Though it gives you what you missed from the first book it doesn’t quite live up to the first.

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie – OMG it is hilarious!!!!  This book is what got me jump started back to reading again after a very long “dry” period.  I’ve tried to recruit readers for this one, but it only works with the reprint.  When my sister asked for book suggetions I gave her this one but she refused to read it based on the cover( I have the original issue).  Imagine Magnum PI with a receeding hairline mullet and jean jacket.  Yeah.  Since I discovered Ms. Crusie I have since purchased every book as soon as it has come up without even reading the jacket first.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Harry Potter series – I’m a Harry Potter junkie.  I admit it.  BUUUUTTTTTT  it took me a long time to get there.  I started buying these books at my local used book stores as they came in until the all came out.  That’s right, I didn’t read a single one until they all came out.  Not only did I wait till they all came out. . .I waiting till last year to read them.  I KNOW!!!  UGH.  How could I not recognize the gems I had sitting in my pile of to be read???!  That being said, once I started reading these, I read them back to back in less than 2 weeks.  Since I’ve read them (only reason I havne’t re-read them yet is because they are on a current tour of my immediate family to convert them :P) I’ve seen the movies a minimum of 5-6 each.  I don’t know what part of HP really makes its so special to me, its something I really can’t describe, but how awesome is JK?? TO have half the talent and to create this world that so many people love.  SIGH.  It’s real for us!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. i agree with you about JK Rowling – i wonder when i watch the movies or look at the books how the HECK she came up with all this fantastical stuff. If i could have half the talent she had in her pinkie…i’d be satisfied!

    Trish @ Tales From…

  2. I did the same thing with HP, waiting till they were all released before I started reading them, though I’d seen a few of the movies already. I think I went to HPB one a week until I had them all and bought each book as I finished the one before it. Who knows why I didn’t buy them all at one time. 😛

    1. I kept telling myself I was going to read them as I went along. . .and kept waiting. When I started watching movies that slowed me down even more because once I see a movie I have a hard time going back and reading the book. SOOOOOOOO glad I did!!!!! Maggie~

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