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Glory by Devin O’Branagan

Seventeen year old Glory Templeton’s blood holds the cure for a deadly pandemic-plague and she embarks on a quest to save humanity. When evil forces conspire to stop her, three supernatural beings are assigned to be her guardians. Forbidden love, ancient secret societies, mysterious astronomical monuments, vampires, witches, angels and demons all contribute to the high adventure that tests the character of this remarkable young woman. The legend of Glory begins!

The book starts with a young girl names Glory by her father’s death bed.  He is dying from the pan-plague which is killing off huge portions of the population.   Glory catches the plague from her father while tending to him and her mother returns from work to find them both dying.  Her mother, one of the scientists who are working on creating a vaccine, tells Glory that her team found the cure, but once a select few were given the vaccine the company she works for, Scorpio destroyed all remaining vaccine viles.  . . except for one.  She escaped with the one vile left and can only save one.  After Glory is given the vaccine and now the worlds’ only hope for a cure, her mother sends her to see a priest who contacts the “Caretakers” and appoints three protectors for Glory.  Zane a cowboy vampire, Aria a physic witch, and Dominic, Glory’s guardian angel are sent to protect her in her journey to locate the other scientists that worked with her mother so that they can create the antidote from her blood.

I really liked the idea of this book, there are a lot of great characters and ideas in it but it was too much for one book.  At only a little over 200 pages the entire story is crammed in to read more like a Syfy movie then an actual book it might be based on.   I don’t think the characters aren’t given enough time to develop and there isn’t much internal monologue.  I do like the story itself and hope to read more about Glory in further books, but I just wish the story would have been spread out more and taken its time.

Pecans: 2.5/5

2 thoughts on “Glory by Devin O’Branagan

  1. Thanks for your review of my novel! (Just stumbled upon it today.)

    Yes, I wrote GLORY to read like a fast-paced movie. It was an experiment and also a hook for the upcoming series. Some readers have greatly enjoyed the visual-style read, others like you wished for something more traditional.

    The forthcoming books in the series will be written traditionally and different books will include multiple POV characters drawn from the colorful pool introduced in this first book. There are so many wonderful characters to learn about, so many of their worlds to explore.

    I hope you will read the next book, PRETTY SACRIFICES. No release date is set yet, but I’ll let you know!

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