Inferno by Linda Howard

Two hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated and abandoned them on a small Caribbean Island; the Ansara wizards are rising again to take on their bitterest foes. Despite their extraordinary powers and supernatural origin, the Raintree have largely blended into the modern world. They are bankers, cops, husbands, wives and lovers in the society of humankind. But now, from Nevada to North Carolina, the rejoined battle will measure the endurance of their people. It will test their loyalties and relationships. And it will force upon them all new lives they could barely have imagined before.

The book starts out with Dante Raintree, the Dranir or King, of the Raintree clan watching Lorna Clay play on his casino floor.  Knowing that she is cheating some kind of way but not able to see what she is doing or how she is doing it he asks that his head of security bring her to his office so that he can speak with her.  Upon arriving Dante’s powers flare up as he knows she possesses some kind of power and Lorna becomes wary of Dante as she can sense there is something dark and dangerous about him but is unable to identify the feeling.   While talking the building’s fire alarm goes off and Dante knows they will have a tough time getting out alive as his office is on the 19th floor.  Using his powers of mind control he controls Lorna, who is terrified of fire, and the other people trying to get out to stay calm and get to the ground floor.  Since Dante has control of fire, another one of his abilities, he tries to control the fire, but even with Lorna’s power harvested he cannot and has to abandon the casino.

After escaping the fire Dante doesn’t want Lorna to leave town so she becomes “prisoner” by mind control in Dante’s house so that he can help her control her powers so that no member of the Ansara, their rival clan, can use her or her powers against them.  As things start to heat up between them, it soon becomes obvious someone is not only after Lorna, but the king himself and the royal family. It seems Cael Ansara, the unrecognized heir to the Ansara throne is trying to take on the Raintrees, as well as overthrow his brother as their Dranir.

I really like that the whole book is only a week’s time span.  There is something missing from this book but I’m not holding much against Ms Howard since this is just a series romance novel.  Overall it’s a great story and I can’t wait to read the second book, but as the series is switching authors I hope I don’t change my mind about the story line. Be warned, if you read the first it leaves you with a cliff hanger and you will want the second book on hand ASAP.

Pecans: 3.25/5


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