Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones

Their name is Raintree. It’s more than a last name; more than a notation on a family tree. It’s a mark of destiny. Each family member has a special gift, an otherworldly talent. Gideon Raintree, a homicide detective, can harness electricity and talk to ghosts. He will need to wield gifts he’s kept hidden to solve his newest case — a relentless serial killer unleashed by the dark Ansara wizards. But first he must deal with his reaction to Hope Malory, his alluring new partner. He’d never planned on love in the midst of battle. With evil lurking at every turn, Gideon and Hope are in a race against time to save their love, their family…and their newly conceived child.

This book actually takes place at the same time as the first book, “Inferno” which I love so you definitely want to read this in order and as quickly together as you can. 🙂  The book starts with Gideon on the phone talking to Dante about the casino fire.  Gideon is homicide detective in North Carolina and the second in line to the Raintree throne but has been trying everything he can to avoid having to carry on the role.  (Including sending fertility charms to his brother, but little does he know this backfires, LOL). Like his brother he also has abilities, his being that he can see ghosts and harness electrical energy.

Gideon is called out to a murder scene where he meets his new partner, Hope Malory, with whom there is instant tension of a certain nature **cough, cough**.  His cousin Echo’s roommate has been murdered.  Using his skills to talk to the dead he finds out that her killer is not only female but a serial killer as well.  Her name is Tabby and she is part of the Ansara clan working for Cael helping to carry out the plan to take over the Raintree clan.  While investigating the murder there is an attempt on his and Malory’s life and he asks that she stay with him at his home. 

It’s hard to give more than this without basically telling you everything that happened in the book, but I did like this story better than Dante’s being as this one had a bit more humor (see fertility charm 🙂 )  Gideon’s story ends at the same point Dante’s but told from Gideon’s POV on the phone. 

Next up:  their sister Mercy in Raintree:  Sanctuary.


Pecans: 3.5/5


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