TGIF: Writing Reviews 101: What’s your process for writing book reviews?

Girl Reading by Fongwei Liu

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Week Before Book Review is Due:

1. Read book one. 

2. Procrastinate. 

3. Read book two. 

4. Dawdle.

5. Watch TV.

Week Book Review is Due:

6. Start book three.

7. Play on Facebook.

8. Continue book three.

9. Paint toenails.

10. Clean kitchen.

11. Repaint house.

12. Continue book three.

Day Book Review is Due:

13. Play solitaire.

14. Drink coffee.

15. Do a little work.

16. Play on Facebook.

17. Begin review.

18.  Go to lunch.

19. Shop online.

20.  Continue review, utilizing thesaurus.

21. Open book to make sure I remember all the characters names.

22. Play bingo online.

23. Snack time.

24. Complete review.

25. Find picture of book cover online.

26. Publish review.

27.  Oops!  I misspelled something.  Edit.

28. Breathe sigh of relief that it’s over for another week.

As you can tell, I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  I like to think I do better under pressure (…and it’s anyone’s guess if that is actually true).  That was pretty much my process during school, also.  I’m not big on homework.  I tend to put it off until the last minute. 

I don’t like to read anyone’s reviews of the book I’m reviewing until after I finish both the book and the review because I don’t want it to influence my review or in any way unintentionally repeat what they’ve said.  That’s a big no-no.  Also, I don’t want to be inadvertently spoiled.  

As I write the review, I like to summarize the beginning of the book (because the blurb on the back sometimes doesn’t do it justice or sometimes will actually get parts of the book wrong).  Then I give my opinion, which is what a review is supposed to do.  I try to be fair and understand what the author is trying to say.  The books I dislike tend to be written in a style I don’t like.  Which is not to say that the author is a bad writer, but that I am used to a more fluid style of writing.  The story itself can be good and interesting, but if the writing style is off, I won’t be able to finish the book.

If I don’t like a book, I will not review it unless I was really looking forward to reading it and was disappointed.  So, maybe that’s why most of my reviews are 3 pecans or more :). 

What makes you not want to continue a book?


6 thoughts on “TGIF: Writing Reviews 101: What’s your process for writing book reviews?

  1. So funny. I find myself doing the exact same thing. Lately I’ve taken to writing the reviews in a notebook (especially for the ones I’ve gotten at the library). I force myself to hand write them before I return them (so I can do #21, of course). All that happens now is that I have a bunch of hand written reviews in a notebook shoved in a drawer.

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