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Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It’s gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie’s estranged father—an elusive European warlock—only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it’s her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.

By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.

As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.

Favorite Quote:  Oh my God.  Regret cake?  Whatever was about to happen must be truly evil.

I’m not going to give a complete run down on this book since the blurb does a pretty great job and tells you everything I would have as well. I love it when they do that! Upon arriving at school Sophie is placed with Jenna, the only vampire student on campus, as her roommate. At “orientation” for newbies she learns about Prodigium’s biggest threat, the “L/Occhio di Dio” or “The Eye of God” based in Rome. 

It seems six months ago Holly, a dark witch and Jenna’s roommate at the time, died and some people blamed Jenna, others The Eye.  A new victim is found by Sophie, another dark witch and a member of Holly’s coven.  Soon after, a third attempt on yet another dark witch.  With a potential killer running loose, things get a bit sticky for Sophie and her roommate.  Obviously chaos ensues, but what I didn’t expect was for it to be so funny while doing so.  I truly didn’t think a book involving witches, demons, faeries, etc could be so hilarious. 

I do have to say, the one thing I didn’t really understand the situation with never meeting her dad.  In the beginning of the book it reads like her mother never let her dad see her and she blamed her for this, but by the end of the book it was her dad’s fault?  I didn’t get that.  Overall this was a great read though I was hoping something would happen with Cal, otherwise why does he need to be so hot?  Here’s hoping for more in book two.  J It does end in a cliffhanger of sorts, but not so crazy that I felt I had to go out and get the next book right then (of course that could be because I had the second book already, just in case, but anyways . . .  :P).

On to Book 2!!!


4 thoughts on “Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

  1. “I was hoping something would happen with Cal, otherwise why does he need to be so hot?” That really made me giggle. Why do boys have to be so hot if nothing’s going to happen with them?

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