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Hellsbane by Paige Cuccaro

Emma Jane Hellsbane always knew she was different, but she had no idea she wasn’t even human. Well, at least she’s half-human. She’s half-fallen angel, too, and now dear ol’ dad wants her dead. All the Fallen angels want all their troublesome offspring removed from the mortal coil so she’s trying not to take it personally. Besides, she wants him dead just as much. Her father’s death is the only way she’ll be forgiven for his sin, stop those pesky demons from trying to hack off her head, and have any hope at all of getting back to a normal life as a wicked slick Intuitive Consciousness Explorer.

Of course, first she’ll have to figure out which fallen angel is her father, avoid accidentally seducing her angelic mentor, help an old friend conquer his own fallen sperm donor, and basically save the world from a cataclysmic divine smack down.

No problem. With a last name like Hellsbane, Emma Jane was definitely born for the job.

In the process of helping an old friend fight off a demon, Emma Jane becomes marked as a soldier in the fight against the Fallen, Angels who’ve been cast out of heaven for sinning (seducing/raping women, who then bear their children, but don’t remember it at all).  The only way she can get out of it is to kill her Fallen father, but she has no idea who he is. 

So, Emma comes out swinging.  She has these new superpowers that help her heal quickly, move faster, and generally kick butt.  Emma’s friend and fellow nepilim, Tommy, is working right along side of her and he helps her to assimilate into the lifestyle.  Their mentor, Eli, is an angel on Earth, meant to be a guide, but he cannot interfere.  As an angel, he is unbelievably hot and there’s a simmering chemistry between them, but he cannot act on that attraction or he will become fallen himself.  But, Emma has chemistry with almost all the men in the book, I think she just needs a little loving and then maybe she won’t be trying to jump every nearby man. 🙂

Angel stories have been told before.  Like vampire stories, each one is tweaked slightly to fit the author’s world.  In fact, I’m in the middle of rereading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, which also centers around Nephilim warriors, and it could not be more different than this story.  This book is far more lighthearted and, though I love the MI books, doesn’t take itself quite as seriously.  There are a lot of fights between Emma and the demons and peeks into possible romances, plus all the supernaturl elements, which combine to make a very entertaining book.  It’s the first in a series and I will be reading the next one.


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