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Happy Hunger Games Week!!

This week we are foregoing our usual reviews in honor of the release of what I’m hoping and praying to be one of the greatest book to movie adaptations we’ve ever seen!!! Today we will be posting our own opinions on the Hunger Games as we both reread the book recently in prep for the movie.  Fair warning, if you haven’t read at least the first book, DO NOT READ FURTHER!!!  (Of course if you haven’t read at least the first one something tells you me aren’t a big reader like the rest of us so you might not care if we have spoilers. :P)


How much will you hate me if I tell you this is the first time I’ve reread The Hunger Games?  I know!!!  There are just so many books out there that even though I really want to reread them I just can never find the time, but threaten me with a movie release and I’m on it like white on rice.  This was my first real dip into the dystopian genre and I haven’t looked back!  My favorite thing about this book?  Katniss.  She isn’t just a female lead, she’s a STRONG female lead.  Some books try to give you a strong heroine and really all she is a whiney little girl who mistakes any silence or slight rejection (I do stress slight) for hate and acts irrationally, thinking that equals she is independent and doesn’t need anyone.  Not Katniss, she’s the real deal.  Anything you can do she can do and probably do better.  Favorite scene?  When she is in the arena and gives the sign of thanks to District 11.  I can barely read it (for the second time) and not get teary eyed, I can only imagine what a sobbing mess I’m going to be at the movies.  Another thing I love about the book or the series as a whole really, is the lack of love triangle drama.  Though she clearly does have to make a choice that isn’t where the story focuses and I’m so thankful for that.  BTW . . . totally Team Peeta.  I love the boy with the bread!!  I know Gale is supposed to be all hot and muscley but Peeta is just. . . Peeta. ❤


This one will always be a 5/5 for me.  I could read it every day (if I had that much time) and never get tired of it. 

Okay, Maggie, I don’t hate you for a number of reasons, but I have only reread the Hunger Games once, myself.  We’re not bad people, just busy 🙂

Anyhoo…So, is it just me or is it so much more interesting to read a book that you already know the end to, but you’ve kinda forgotten how they got there?  Maybe I’m just getting old.  I remember Katniss being kick-ass, but I guess I just forgot just how intricate her strategies were, just how capable she could be, or even how much humanity she had.  She was the total, complete heroine.  

Katniss by Punang at Deviant Art

I guess the downside of knowing what is going to happen is that I was always thinking, “Oh, Come ON, Katniss!!  He loves you for real!!! How can you be so stupid!!!”  But I guess growing up the way she did, having to step up and be the strong one and being at the mercy of the Capital, with all their extravagant indulgences for themselves as they watch the citizens of the districts waste away, she couldn’t afford think romantically, either in relationships or in a positive view of the world.  Despite where she came from and the things she had to endure, like putting food on the table and living under the thumb of the Capital, she was surprisingly smart and inventive.  Or maybe I’m just clueless, cause I never would have known that Haymitch was sending me signals.  Okay, maybe after the first kiss…

And speaking of kisses, how much do I love Peeta.  This reread just confirmed he is one of my favorites.  He says that Katniss is pure, in Catching Fire, but he is as pure as the driven snow (no pun intended).  Sigh.  I love you Peeta. And Katniss, you’re an idiot.  5/5

Is there something else from the book that sticks out for you?  What was your favorite quote?  Favorite scene in the book?  Come back tomorrow when will break down the casting and who we might have liked more for a certain part though I do have to say I’m pretty much on board with everyone they casted.  We will also talk about what the movie might leave out or add to certain parts and if the movie will end the same as the book.

8 thoughts on “Happy Hunger Games Week!!

  1. Oh my gosh that is the perfect description of Peeta. He’s pure. And I really love him. I think he’s a good match. I have to be honest though, I would totally pick Gale. I’ve pondered this alot (I’m a loser) and I think it’s because I’m nothing like Katniss and therefore Gale works for me. I think that with Peeta and Katniss, they are a good match because they’re opposites. Peeta is not going catch squirrels, but that OK because Katniss will. They take care of each other in different ways. I’d need Gale to hunt for me because I could not kill some cute little animal. Also, I’m not going to lie, all of the descriptions of his hotness and shirtlessness got in my head. I recently re-read HG (after two years) and it’s amazing how good it is. I’d forgotten what a great book it was (meaning, I did expect it to impact me the same way the second time around–but it totally did). 🙂

    1. I’m not gonna lie, Gale is swoony. I was right there with Katniss the first time I read it, not knowing who to choose, but I just love Peeta so!!

  2. Y’all…. Y’ALLL (I love that you guys are from LA and I don’t feel weird saying y’all to you! 🙂 ) I just found out that Suzanne Collins went to high school right up the road from me! Well… by right up the road I mean in Birmingham, AL. 🙂
    I’m so beyond excited about this movie it’s not even funny. This is the first book series that I’ve really been into that has been adapted to a movie AFTER I read the books. I’ve been wearing my Hunger Games nail polish all week, snacking on Hunger Games bread, thinking about making a sandwich with some Peeta bread (my BFF came up with that one!). I’ve actually only read the books once (gasp! I know), but keep telling myself I’m going to at least read HG before the movie comes out. I better shake a leg!
    Hope you ladies enjoy the movie this weekend… it’s gonna be EPIC!!!

    P.S. Peeta… be still my heart! 🙂

    1. you’re right, it will be epic. i don’t think i’ll have time before tomorrow to buy my pink wig & make my “peeta is my man” shirt 😦 confession time: i didn’t reread the book, i listened to it on audio. 🙂

      1. Ooooh…. that’s actually a good idea…. haha. I should see if the library has a copy of that!

        I’m debating on if I can pull off some Capitol makeup styles for work on Friday. Maybe some purple hair. haha

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