Dystopian · YA Series

Starters by Lissa Price

In the future, teens rent their bodies to seniors who want to be young again. One girl discovers her renter plans to do more than party—her body will commit murder, if her mind can’t stop it. Sixteen-year-old Callie lost her parents when the genocide spore wiped out everyone except those who were vaccinated first—the very young and very old. With no grandparents to claim Callie and her little brother, they go on the run, living as squatters, and fighting off unclaimed renegades who would kill for a cookie. Hope comes via Prime Destinations, run by a mysterious figure known only as The Old Man. He hires teens to rent their bodies to seniors, known as Enders, who get to be young again. Callie’s neurochip malfunctions and she wakes up in the life of her rich renter, living in her mansion, driving her cars, even dating Blake, the grandson of a senator. It’s a fairy-tale new life . . . until she uncovers the Body Bank’s horrible plan. . .

Since the Spore Wars (takes awhile to get information about what exactly happened during said war, here’s hoping there is more in the next book) have ended Callie, parentless,  is now responsible for taking care of her 7 year old brother Tyler. Callie goes to Prime Destinations, an “undercover” business where Starters can rent their bodies to the Enders for a substantial amount of money hoping to sign up and earn enough to buy a home and food for herself and her brother. 

A week into her last rental Callie “wakes up” in her body at a nightclub and is able to communicate with her renter, Helena, via her mind.  As she learns more information about her renter and what has happened while she has been out, she realizes things aren’t quite as they seem.  She decides to go back to Prime which her renter warns her not to do or they will both be killed.  Chaos ensures. 🙂

I do have to say that the cover initially drew me in and put me off at the same time.  CREEPTASTIC!!  After checking the cover I read the blurb.  Sci-fi?  I am not a huge fan.  Though I love dystpoians when you add in the sci-fi factor of renting bodies and chips being implanted in your head I would usually start drifting off (I’m a nerd, not a geek).  That wasn’t the case with this book; I loved every second of it.  There were several plot twists, things I didn’t even think of; and a couple of them left me wanting to know what the heck was going on!  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.  There are so many details to talk about but I really feel I shouldn’t reveal any of them since that is basically the whole book, one big twist.  Also, don’t worry, there is just a bit of romance, too, so it gives us something to look forward to. 🙂

If you read this one let me know, I’m dying to talk about it with someone!!



7 thoughts on “Starters by Lissa Price

  1. This is sitting at home waiting for me… So glad that you liked it, I’m cautiously looking forward to it (I’d heard some bad things about it, but the overall opinion seems to be that it was good!).

    1. I really did like it! Though I wasn’t sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time and it took me a couple days to read it I thought it was a great story and had a ton of twists, a few I didn’t see coming or know what they quite mean for the rest of the story. Usually I’m pretty good with guessing the plots. Let me know what you think! What have you heard about it that was bad? ~Maggie

      1. There was one review I saw that really did not like the book, saying that the world-building was poorly done and the story didn’t make sense as a result. Also that the characters were one-dimensional, there was insta-love and a lame love triangle. I don’t know, other people have really liked it and I am willing to give it a shot. It sounds like something I’d enjoy and I have checked it out from the library, so I might as well form my own opinion!

      2. Eh I see some of that. World building wasn’t the best but I still liked the story, The love triangle wasn’t really there at all, something I like though.

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