TGIF {26}

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Musical Stories: If you could read a book about any song, which song would you love to see written down in story form?


It’s pretty simple.  ANYTHING BY ADELE.  How great would they be?  Very assertive female at least for most of them.

Oh BTW, while you are here visiting our blog do me a HUGE favor and vote for me to go to BEA?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!  It’s the week before the big 3-0 so it would be a great birthday gift!!!!!!!  Just hit the link on the right sidebar, thanks so much!



10 thoughts on “TGIF {26}

    1. true story: when i turned thirty, i got engaged, married, bought a dog, got pregnant and bought and moved into our first home, all before i turned 31. it’s the return of saturn. sorry, just went off on a little tangent there. feeling sorry for myself for being 36. ugh. back to your regularly scheduled programming.

      1. Dixie if all that happens in the next 12 months I will call that a win. Of course I’d have I also meet someone so if I can do that too I might have you beat. Lol ~m

      2. Not gonna lie… this sorta gives me a little bit of hope. Perhaps I’ll get engaged and married when I’m 30! Although whew! Seeing all you did between 30 and 31 makes my head spin! Luckily you’re so awesome 🙂

  1. So MANY bloggers have April birthdays! It makes sense to me, We Aries are seriously awesum ppl! Ur on the cusp of the next sign it seems..Well, IMO anyone who is THAT close still has Aries in them 🙂
    Adele is AWESUM! I went back to my teenage days for my inspo for this meme this week..
    My TGIF

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