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Major Crush by Jennifer Echols

Tired of the beauty-pageant circuit, Virginia Sauter tosses her tiara, pierces her nose, and auditions for the most unlikely of roles — drum major of the high school marching band.
Virginia wins, but is forced to share the title with Drew, whose family has held the position for generations. Sure, Drew is hot, but because of his superior attitude, he and Virginia are constantly arguing. That is, until they share more than just their half-time salute…
But as the drum major’s heated competition turns to sizzling romance, explosive rumors threaten everything — including the band’s success. Love seemed to be a sure hit, but Virginia and Drew may be marching straight into disaster.

Virginia and Drew are thrown together because their former band director didn’t think a girl could be drum major, so they get to share the responsibility.  They have differing styles when it comes to how they manage the band, especially because Drew, being older and bigger, intimidates Virginia just a little bit.  Also, she’s in love with him.  Despite his evil girlfriend and her friends obvious crush on her.  She’s got a lot going on.

This book was very cute, light-hearted and sweet.  I read it in a few hours.  Virginia was likable; she thought she was tough, but she was just a little angry and determined to prove herself.  Drew as downright adorable, stuck in a bad situation at home and in the band and with his girlfriend.  The other characters, Walter and Allison and Luther and Mr. Rush, were fun and made the story more interesting.  I loved that the setting was a small Alabama town, because I know from small southern towns, let me tell you. 

This was my second Jennifer Echols book this week.  I could breeze through Bout of Books quite easily reading all her books, but then I’d be sad because there weren’t any more left.


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