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TGIF {35} and Fangirl 5 Friday {2}

Every week, Ginger asks a thought-provoking book-related question & we do our damndest to be be funny.  Sometimes it works.

Cast Your Own Story: If you could use existing characters from some of your favorite books to create a new story, who would be in it?

Well…I tried to think of someone who deserves someone better than who they end up with in their particular story, or someone who doesn’t get the person they want…because I like happy endings & kisses.  Sooo…

Rafe from The Body Finder series by Kimberly Derting–He’s in desperate need of a Miss Elizabeth to his Mr. Darcy.  Cause he cannot have Violet!  Violet belongs to Jay!  And, unlike Maggie, I like Rafe.  Maggie’s not a fan of love triangles.  In fact, the only issue I have with Rafe is that he’s not Jay and he so obviously has it bad for Violet, even though I cannot recall any untoward advances he’s made on her.  He’s a perfectly great character, a great guy, you could say, but I don’t want anyone coming between Jay & Violet.  It’s wrong.  But he deserves his HEA, too.  He deserves his own Violet.  Who could be Rafe’s counterpart? 

Isabelle Lightwood.  I think Izzy and Rafe would make a fantastic team.  They would work well together.  Izzy can be the center of attention & use her whip to bring justice to criminals that Rafe senses, or perceives, or what ever the hell it is he does.  And then they can be all hot and dark and broody together.  Except Isabel isn’t broody, but I’m sure she would change for Rafe.  They would be the best looking detectives this side of…hmm, I’m drawing a blank.  But you get the idea, they’d be pretty hot together.  Just don’t ask Izzy to cook.  You’ll regret it.

Isabelle shrugged philosophically. “I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt.”


1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer.  This book for me was quietly powerful.  It seemed happy-go-lucky (well...) until around the middle, I guess (it's hard to tell because I listened to the audiobook).  Charlie is probably one of my favorite characters, ever.  I am very anxious to see this movie.  Plus, Emma Watson! ~d

2. True Blood is back, baby!  Those crazy mo-fos, can't wait to see what fresh hell they'll entertain us with this season.  I miss Jason, you stupid but hot piece of ... ahem...and Alcide (more shirtless time, please). ~d

Speaking of shirtless time...

3.  Elizabeth Banks acceptance speech on the MTV Movie Awards- HILARIOUS and HOT.  I think I’ve watched that speech 10 times.   You can watch it here (stupid thing would NOT embed).~m

 4.  Magic Mike – While we are talking about that speech, let’s talk Magic Mike.  Holy crap on a cracker I’m so there opening day.  Even though I think Channing Tatum looks like he is as dumb as a rock (I’m not saying he is, just looks that way to me) that man along with his fellows actors in MM are gorgeous.  I’ve seen male strippers before and let me tell you not a single one looked like any of these.  (Picture a platinum blonde mullet and HIGH TOP TENNIS SHOES) ~m


5.  Puppies – I’m having serious issue with petfinder.  I live on it wanting to adopt every single dog.  My little yorkie Tallulah (yep, that’s her in the pic and she is so freaking cute!) needs a buddy but I can’t afford another one just yet. ~m


12 thoughts on “TGIF {35} and Fangirl 5 Friday {2}

  1. OMG Perks! I love love love this book and cannot WAIT to see the movie! And Tallulah!!!! Oh I want to eat her up she’s so cute! 🙂

    1. i hope i can wrangle someone to see Perks with me, otherwise, it’ll be mid-day matinee all by my lonesome…i wish i knew when it was coming out! ~d

  2. OK you guys, I had a dream about going to see Magic Mike last night. It’s like totally on my brain even though I think it will be amazing (obvs) and horrible all at once. And I concur, male strippers look nothing like these dudes (perhaps we saw the same show, Mags?). Also, Dixie I love that your only issue with Rafe (who I dislike–but I haven’t read the last book yet) is that he isn’t Jay. I think a lot of boys have that problem. They just aren’t Jay!

    1. you’re right. the entire male population’s problem is that they aren’t jay. and they’re not michael moskovitz, either. what the hell is wrong with them?

    2. I’ve had several friends already tell me they want to go see this. . . I’m worried that they think its real and are getting the dollar bills ready. ~M

  3. i LOVE True Blood! i’ll have to wait even longer though to see this season because, sadly, i don’t have HBO. 😦
    You should definitely check out this weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly. It has the cast on it and gives a few lil’ nuggets about what to expect this season. The backstory to Pam and Eric’s relationship and how it came to be is one of the storylines i can’t wait for them to tell.
    i also kinda wanna see Magic Mike. It looks like it has the potential to be so bad it’s good. It’s for sure not a movie i would wanna see alone though. That would be majorly embarrassing. 🙂
    P.S. i totally agree with your take on Channing Tatum. He does have a very stupid look about him.

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