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Lundi Lagniappe {12}

This is where we list and review the books we read that don’t get a full review on their own.  Lundi = Monday, Lagniappe = a little something extra. 🙂

Twitter Diaries, The: 2 Cities, 1 Friendship, 140 Characters by Imogen Lloyd Webber and Georgie Thompson:  Two British women (one living in America, the other in London) meet one New Year’s Eve and click instantly, and begin a Twitter-centric friendship during the following year.  I didn’t get a lot of the British slang and references (despite the fact that I’ve read tons of British-themed books), so it was kind of hard starting off, but it was very good, funny and short.  I didn’t want to stop reading.  3.5/5

The Trouble with Paradise by Jill Shalvis–Dorie wins a free vacation to sail in a private yacht and to escape from her dull, depressing life where she let her dreams die. She has her pick of yummy men and her life is looking up, until the ship goes down and one of their own is killed. This book was so funny. I loved Dorie (clumbsiness personified) and the other women in the book and on the boat.  Christian, the love interest, was adorably grumpy, and had a French accent, to boot!  Merdi!  4/5

The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting (Body Finder series #4)–Violet is working with Sara and Rafe in their pseudo-federal agency that utilizes the skills of her, and others like her, in finding the perpetrators and victims of violent crimes.  This latest one involves young women who are found done up as if going on a date.  Violet catches the attention of this serial killer and he wants to make her his next “girlfriend”.  Really, as far as I’m concerned, not enough Jay.  And a lot of Rafe, though he doesn’t bother me too much.  Great installment, very edge of your seat kind of action going on.  4/5


Timepiece by Myra McEntire (Book 2 in the Hourglass Series) – It was a very quick read for me but I found Emerson very annoying in the one.  Maybe because the book was in Kaleb’s POV??  It was a good book but I took me a lot longer to remember what happened from the first book and figure out what was going on.  3.5/5


Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1 in the Fifty Shade Series) – I honestly didn’t find this as horrible as I find everyone making it out to be.  Yes, I’ve read better but I’ve also read A LOT worse.  Anyone looking for a whole lot of brown chicken brown cow will be pleased but I’m pretty sure everyone knew that already. 🙂  3/5


The Maze Runner  by James Dashner(Book 1 in the Maze Runner Series) – I listened to the audio version on this one.  I didn’t care that much for the guy reading it but I liked the story.  Towards the end I found the lead to be a bit annoying and overall I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for everyone to just explain things?  It kind of got old with the “you will find out in time” kind of attitude.  3.5/5

3 thoughts on “Lundi Lagniappe {12}

  1. Kudos on reading 50 Shades… I still can’t bring myself to read it. I mean, not because I’m a prude or whatever, but because… okay, maybe I’m a little bit of a prude. 🙂 I didn’t really think Emerson was annoying, but I didn’t LOVE her to begin with, so I think that carried over into Timepiece. I did LOVE Kaleb though… and Lily?! Oh man… 🙂

    I really want to read more of the Body Finder series. I loved the first in it and can’t understand why I don’t read the rest of them!

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