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Lundi Lagniappe #13

This is where we list and review the books we read that don’t get a full review on their own.  Lundi = Monday, Lagniappe = a little something extra. :)

Until I Die by Amy Plum (Revenants # 2) – This one started a bit slow for me but definitely picked up.  Pretty great second book of a series.  Oh Vincent!!! 3/5


Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2) – More of the same really. . . till the end.  I will definitely read the third to find out what is going to happen. 3/5

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (Graceling Realm # 3) – Eh, I’m a little disappointed with this one.  I really liked Graceling and I loved Bitterblue in it but I found this to be way to much about puzzles and no love story.  Can’t just one couple in any of these books just get together and live happily ever after?  3/5


Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich (Lizzy & Diesel #2) – Classic Evanovich, quick read.  I like this series A LOT more than Stephanie Plum.  More LOL less brown chicken brown cow.  3.75/5


The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts (Inn Boonsboro #2)–Avery and Owen’s story.  No mysterious strangers, no stalkers, no stupid hangups.  Just two people who’ve known each other forever and suddenly and easily fall in love.  4/5

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton (Play by Play #1)–A one-night stand turns into something more with a party planner and the NFL’s top quarterback.  Throw in her 15 year old son and his bitchy agent, and it’s all kinds of fun.  Definitely a little bit more erotica than I generally like, but a good story. And LOOK AT THAT COVER! 🙂 4/5

3 thoughts on “Lundi Lagniappe #13

  1. Oh I forgot about Janet’s “Wicked” series! I still have the first one that I bought and still sitting on my shelf… Hanging out with all the other (and plentiful!) TBRs 🙂

    1. Girl if you have any Evanovich books in your TBR you should read them immediately!! They are such quick reads it would make you feel like you are making progress. 😛 ~Maggie

      1. Haha it’s so true! I’m absolutely in love with Stephanie Plum but I’m trying to stretch out the series because I’m going to be so sad when I’m all caught up and don’t have any more to read LOL! So true though – They are all such quick reads and so much fun 🙂

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