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At Last by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #5)

Amy Michaels loves her new life in Lucky Harbor. A waitress in the local diner, she’s looking forward to her first weekend hike through the mountains. But when a wrong turn takes her off the trail, she finds herself up close and personal with forest ranger Matt Bowers. And even though she’s tempted to kiss that sexy smile right off his face, she won’t make the mistake of getting involved with the town heartthrob.

A former cop whose life went south, Matt doesn’t let anyone get too close. But something about the feisty beauty caught his eye the moment he first saw her in the diner. After a hot night under a starry sky, Matt can’t deny their attraction-or the fact that for the first time in a long time, he feels the stirrings of something more. Now it’s up to Matt to help Amy see that, no matter what is in their past, together they can build a future in Lucky Harbor.

Amy, a waitress at Lucky Harbor’s Eat Me Diner, is friends with Lucky in Loves Mallory.  Amy is my favorite kind of heroine: tough, closed off, sarcastic and kinda mean.  I love finding out what makes them tick, why they are the way they are.  It’s always satisfying for them and me to get to the bottom of their “issues.”  Hidden beneath her tough exterior is a woman who feels she has to protect herself because she only has herself to rely on.  Well, that’s kinda changed now that she’s gotten so close with Mallory and Grace. 

Amy’s life before coming to Lucky Harbor was sadly like a lot of other stories of girls who’d run away from home.  But coming to Lucky Harbor has made her part of the community, whether she likes it or not.  During an expedition in Lucky Harbor’s surrounding forest to learn more about her beloved grandmother, Amy gets herself into a pickle and is rescued by Forest Ranger Matt (or Ranger Hot Buns), with whom Amy has a mutual attaction.  But it’s not an attraction that Amy ever intends to satisfy because she isn’t looking for any kind of relationship, despite the very hot looks Matt throws her way.  And then there’s that kiss…

Matt is a former SWAT team member from the big city of Chicago who lost his partner to dirty dealings.  His wife left him because…I never did understand, because she was a bitch?  Look, you married a cop, you have to expect long hours and the job being very important to him.  Next time, marry a bagger at the local Winn-Dixie, okay?  So, understandably, Matt’s a little wary of committment.  (Plus, you know, he’s a MAN.)

I really liked the peeks of Matt and Amy from Lucky in Love and was eager to read this book to see them end up together.   I was not disappointed! Their attraction was obvious to everyone near them.  And so they decide to scratch that attraction itch because, like they both want, it will be just sex.  They are both so wary and skittish, it was nice to see them turning to each other.  The two of them stumble upon a teenage runaway and do everything they can to help her, which brings them closer together.  I really liked that storyline, too. 

Of course, we get to see a little of the characters from other books, particularly Mallory and Ty from Lucky in Love.  It was nice to see Ty here being a little playful & less serious and sulky with his friends, which I am assuming is the product of his new relationship with Mallory.  I also really liked the glimpses of Grace and Josh, from the next book in the series, Forever and a Day

I loved this book, the romance was hot and the storyline about both our main characters was satisfying.  I think I am liking these three books better than the first three books in the Lucky Harbor series, though Sawyer from Head Over Heels is still my favorite.  🙂

Pecans:  5/5

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