Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #6)


She’s holding tight. He’s hanging loose.

Eve Monroe is a stock-car PR pro who puts her career first–until an on-track wardrobe malfunction reveals more than the sexy smile of jackman Nolan Ford. The video’s become an internet sensation, and it’s Eve’s job to calm the sponsors and put a spin on the unexpected exposure.

And they both have the same drive.

It may be a public relations job, but now that Eve’s seen what’s under Nolan’s crew suit, it’s gotten personal. After a few dates she has Nolan pretty revved up. If only she’d learn to relax and enjoy it. Nolan’s sure that the spontaneous birthday bash he’s throwing for Eve in Las Vegas should loosen her up. Somewhere between cocktails and a smoking-hot motel-room derby, it does more than that. Now Eve’s wrestling with feelings she never expected, as everything about her personal jackman gets harder than she ever imagined.

Eve was born into the Monroe racing dynasty.  She’s had to be a hard-ass because of her job and when Nolan gets into trouble on camera, she has to take him to task.   His attraction to her and her reaction to him become something that neither of them can contain and so he asks her out, and she actually says yes, which is much more surprising.

Nolan is Mr. Laid-Back, Mr. Positivity.  So completely different than our little PR dynamo, but he’s a lot of fun for Eve to be around.  He gets her to loosen up and knows how to allow for her idiosyncrasies (he doesn’t push her to do things because he knows she’ll just push back).  Eve has pretty bad social skills (she’s a little cranky, unerringly honest and hates her job, but she thinks it’s what everyone expects her to do), but she  reluctantly allows herself to be romanced by Nolan.  And he makes her laugh, which can pretty much make any woman putty in your hands (am I right, girls?).

These two together were pretty cute.  Nolan’s a little dorky, but he’s hot, and Eve may be a little cynical and pushy, but she’s got a sweet and vulnerable side that just draws Nolan in.  I really enjoyed watching Nolan unravel Little Miss Up Tight.  Eve was a very interesting character to read about in the other books in this series and I liked that Nolan was the one to understand her.  Their differences (she comes from a very rich, very well known and respectable family, he’s barely scraping by and is one of 8 children) were tangible but easily surmountable.  I also enjoyed catching up with characters from the other books.  This was a great addition to the Fast Track series and I can’t wait for more.

Pecans:  3.75/5


2 thoughts on “Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #6)

  1. Elizabeth August 2, 2012 at 9:57 am Reply

    I love this series… I’ve read the first one and just started the second. I really like how the characters talk out their problems instead of having ridiculous misunderstandings (like they very well could). I am also glad she gets to some of the interesting side characters in later books!

    • Gone Pecan August 3, 2012 at 10:59 am Reply

      i love ty! he’s a great hero, probably my favorite in the series.

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