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Run the Risk by Lori Foster (Love Undercover #1)

When Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find Pepper Yates, a potential link to his best friend’s unsolved murder, he vows to gain her cooperation by any means necessary. But the elusive beauty is more suspicious—and in far more danger—than he expected. And the last thing Logan needs is to start caring for her.

Pepper has spent years dodging the corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. She can trust no one, not even the handsome new “construction worker” who’s moved in next door. The heat between them is undeniable. But will surrendering to passion bring her the safety she so desires—or will her feelings for Logan draw them both into a killer’s crosshairs?

Pepper Yates has made herself as inconspicuous as possible, changed her name to Sue Meeks, and is trying to fly under the radar.  She’s doing a good job of it until Logan moves in next door and she can’t understand why he seems so intent on getting to know her better. 

Sure, Logan is actually an undercover police officer intent on finding Pepper’s brother, Rowdy, but there’s something about this shy, plain woman that just gets to him.  He’s attracted to her and when he tries to seduce her to get her to maybe let slip some information about the whereabouts of her brother, he gets a surprise.  She agrees to sex, but he can’t touch her anywhere other than the most essential parts.  Hmm…intriguing.

This book was a wild ride.  Logan is a very honorable cop and man.  Sure, he has nefarious intentions for “Sue,” but it’s all with the hope that he’ll find his best friend’s killer and put a very bad man behind bars.  Pepper has been hiding for so long, she’s lonely and a little bit vulnerable.  Pepper is obviously hiding something and her relationship with her brother was sorta weird, you don’t know where they’re going to go with it.  Pepper and Logan together are combustible, and so much fun.  When Pepper is Sue, she is a quiet loner…but make no mistake, this is no damsel in distress.  Pepper is a very loyal, loving, complicated woman, and it was a pleasure getting to know her.  When she finally strips off the disguise, it was fun to watch the reactions she got from the other guys and Logan’s jealousy.  That part was actually very funny. 

When I think about Lori Foster’s books, I think romance, first and foremost, and although they’ve always had a little bit of intrigue and suspense in them, I never really noticed because they’re so freaking hot.  This was a very good start to what looks like is going to be a fun series.  I am so very anxious to read about the rest of the guys, Reese (Logan’s partner/friend), Rowdy (Pepper’s brother), and Dash (Logan’s brother).  I am a little sad (womp womp) that the next one won’t be out for several months.  I guess I’m just spoiled for all the series that come out one after the other. 

Pecans:  4.5/5

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