Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday #41

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Top Ten Bookish Confessions

  1. I have an addiction to the Dummies books.  I have one for How to Learn Italian, Italian Verbs, Computer Programming, Yorkies, etc.  I also maybe be “watching” several more on ebay.
  2. I keep a list of who borrows books from me.  I’m terrified I won’t get them back and I love them all so much like little book babies.
  3. I will stop in the middle of a chapter to email or text someone to recommend a book if I’m loving it.
  4. It kills me to own paperback versions of books.  If I plan on keeping it I will always try to get a hardback even if that means having to buy another copy to replace it (eventually).
  5. I need complete silence to read.  I can have the TV on but it has to be muted. 
  6. I keep not one list but two to manage all the books I have to read.  One is goodreads but the other list is by specific authors I read everything by and color coded.
  7. I have kept library books for over 3 months and never read a single page in them.
  8. I have a shirt to match all of the “big” series.  (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, Game of Thrones)
  9. Even though ebooks are not my favorite I always have my nook in my purse.  It’s the easiest way to carry to largest amount of books with me at all times.
  10. I almost never buy books at the bookstore.  I order online for pretty much everything to try and save a few bucks but I definitely go to browse and see what I might like to order.


  1. If I’m in the middle of a book I like, I will stop reading and go and find out if the author has other books I like and if my library carries them.  I will have it all sorted out to get the next book in this author’s backlist waiting for me to pick up one way or another.  I will read every one back to back before I can move on to another book.
  2. Any book I read has to have some romance in it in order for me to really like it.
  3. I love my nook, but mostly, I use it to go on the internet.
  4. I have had books from the library that I have had to renew six times, until my renewels expired, and still didn’t read them.  But I’ll bring them back, wait a few weeks & check them out again.
  5. I have books listed on paperbackswap to swap that I haven’t read, but when someone asks for them, I will read them quickly before sending them.  That’s the kind of motivation I need sometime to read a book.
  6. I have so many books, if I’m looking for a particular book, there are approximately 11 places I need to check in my house.
  7. I had heard about Twilight for a few months (but a couple years after it came out, right before Breaking Dawn came out) and when I finally decided to read it, I bought it (walked into Barnes & Noble and told the woman “I’m looking for a book called Twilight?” with a weird look on my face, and she brings me to a big honking stack of them I had just passed by to get to her).  I was not even halfway through and ran back to BN to pick up New Moon and Eclipse and read all three in a weekend.
  8. I just had to look up the order of New Moon & Eclipse.  I seriously could not remember which order they came out in.
  9. I read erotic fiction and I don’t add it to Goodreads because I’m embarrassed.
  10. I read when I drive (at red lights).

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday #41

  1. Dixie your confessions make me laugh! I don’t know if I read “erotica” or if it’s just really sexy romance novels (teehee) but I don’t actually talk about them unless someone else brings them up first… because I too am embarrassed! Which I don’t know why. I enjoy them. So what? I read Twilight like that too… It was kind of ridiculous, but they honestly are some of my favorite reads (despite how much fun I make of them). Maggie, my Kindle is in my purse too… except it’s dead. But usually it’s charged so I’ll always have something to read just in case! Great list ladies! 🙂

  2. In grad school, I had some books checked out for years that I don’t think I ever read… at least never in their entirety. Never had time for extra work books in those days!

    And I could never read at red lights… but I’ve been trying really hard to minimize my distractions in the car. People in Dallas drive like complete idiots and I’m terrified of getting into an accident!

  3. M- How’s the Italian going? Love it!
    I would totally keep a list of who’s borrowed books from me (if anyone ever borrowed from me – You totally can, you guys!) It’s not that I don’t trust you (well, I kind of might not), but I don’t trust my brain to remember!
    D- That’s how I was about Twilight! But I was too embarrassed to ask so I stalked around the bookstore until I FINALLY found it in YA (seriously, no end caps or anything?). Then I went back to go buy the rest!

    1. Hahah. Do you have an own shelf on goodreads? I do and you are welcome to borrow those as well. Italian isn’t going anywhere other than a box in my closet. LOL. I am proud to say that on the Twilight front I was reading them way before everyone got crazy w the cheese whiz. ~m

      1. Hmm, I really should make my own owned shelf on GR. I hate the way they do it right now so I should take it into my own hands! Meanwhile, I might peruse yours too 🙂

  4. Maggie you are dangerous, reading at traffic lights. Do you beeped at often?? I use my nook to read samples of books. I’m getting so bad that I buy nothing without downloading and reading the sample first.

  5. I’m nodding in agreement with so many of these. Sadly, my nook gets used more for internet too and the kindle is my reader of choice. Sometimes the nook wins because I have epubs to read though. I binge on authors too, like Dixie’s #1. And Maggie, that’s a great idea to keep a list of your book borrowers. I’ve had the worst experiences loaning books but I still do it.
    Thanks for sharing your bookish confessions!

  6. Maggie i totally feel your anxiety over letting people borrow books. i’m the same way. Sometimes it’s hard being the proud parent of several little book babies. 😉

    1. I’m sure I have at some time, LOL. The silence isn’t too hard, no kids.:P I really wish I could read anywhere because it would increase book time! ~M

  7. I like complete silence when I read, as well. I get too distracted if there is a lot of noise. And I often will mute the TV on commercials during TV shows I like to read.

    And I also do the whole check books out from library, renew them as man times as I can, never read them, return them, then check them out again later on. Hehe. But that helps the libraries circulation.

  8. OMG, you guys crack me up. D, I love that you read erotica but are embarrassed. Embrace the sexytimes!! Maggie, I totally have a list of books loaned out. I’m very careful about updating it. I always thought I was a giant dork for doing that (obviously I’m not if you do it. We can’t BOTH be dorks!!) And OK, I haven’t bought a ton of books recently, but normally I do that B&N membership ($30/year) because the shipping is free. I thought about the Amazon one, but it costs twice as much. This is another reason the library rocks (except for my late fees, which could buy me another book at B&N).

  9. Ughh I keep library books forever and I feel so guilty about it because I am a librarian!! I seriously put a ban on myself after I finish these last 4 so I can focus on other books and not feel bad about leaving the library books to the side!! I can’t believe you read when you drive!! I read trashy vampire lit (with lots of sexytimes) if it makes you feel any better about your erotica :]

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