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Casting Call – The Sky is Everywhere

In our development of this feature we discovered that the book blog Lit Snit featured “Casting Call Fridays.” Our Casting Call feature is in no way purposefully copying or stealing this idea and any similarities is purely coincidental. Also, you should check out their casting because it rocks!

Welcome to the inaugural post for our new feature (started along with some other VERY cool bloggers) called Casting Call.  We’ve all done it; obsessed with a book so much we cast the characters.  Maybe it’s just to help us picture the book or maybe it’s because you really want the movie to be made.  I say whatever floats your boat!  Personally I’m always hoping the books I read actually make it to the movie stage so I always have a general idea of what a character should look like but a good 80% of the time I don’t agree with who gets cast for the actual movies. (Since they don’t pay me I don’t think it bothers them all that much.)

For our first post we went with a book we’ve all read and become slightly obsessed with. . .The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.  I didn’t base my choices on acting skills as much as the theme of the book. (Ok maybe I based it a bit on things I’m obsessed with (HOT guys, all things British, HOT British guys, catchy songs, etc.)

Let’s start with my girl Lennie.

I say Carly Rae Jepsen.  She’s cute and quirky,  Definitely has to “I didn’t know I was beautiful” attitude we see from Len.


I LOVE Jennifer Lawerence.  She’s stunning and a GREAT actress IMO.  She can go both serious and crazy as only Bailey would.


I really liked him in Supernatural (I stopped watching when they had what I refer to as the “Clown Episode”) and think he can give off the cowboy/skater/completely soulful damaged BF look.


Ok so maybe I’m slightly obsessed in love One Direction.  It’s ok, they are all 18 or older (I’ve checked)  They are so freaking adorable I can’t stop watching their videos on youtube.  Harry Styles would be a great Joe.  Just look at that smile!  You can’t say that wouldn’t light up a room.


No question about it I AM OBSESSED with Game of Thrones.  Now Kit Harington?  WOWZA.  Perfect older brother for Joe.


Speaking of Joe’s older brothers, let’s talk Marcus or Ethan Peck because that’s how I see him.  I’m sorry but I just don’t want to live in a world where this gorgeous family isn’t at least possible.

Uncle Big

Doped up Lothario of the family with kooky facial hair??  I couldn’t picture anyone else but Anthony Kiedis


Now I realize Gram was this tall woman but I say we ignore that for now.  Anyone remember Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink?  She totally fits in this family.

So what do you think??  Be sure to go check out everyone else’s casts!  Since this is the first post we’ve all done a full cast or close to that but starting next week we will break up the cast so everyone can blog hop and participate.

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13 thoughts on “Casting Call – The Sky is Everywhere

  1. Um, GREAT Fred/Doug choice! lol.
    Ohh I love Annie Potts! She’s got the personality to totally fit!
    I like Carly Rae for Lennie too! It seems like she could be totally innocent, full of hope, curious, etc. Great choices!! 🙂

  2. The Fontaines MUST exist if they look like that. I am making that executive decision and they MUST live next door to me and THEY MUST BE NEAR MY AGE. That would be one beautiful family. I LOVE your Uncle Big choice; that’s exactly the kind of person I envisioned when I read the book! And Annie Potts… I love her so!

  3. What is it about Kit Harrington? I think I love him. And Ethan Peck, hello!!!! I love that you cast the Fontaine brothers. Great idea and so adorable that you were inspired by musicians. Annie Potts is fabulous. I can totally picture her saying “I do believe that young man batted his extraordinarily long eyelashes at me.” That line always cracks me up.

  4. Hooray for the gorgeous Fontaine brothers. Not sure if Carly or Harry can act, but he sure is purty. Huge fan of Kit’s — and I’ve read he’s genuinely a sweet guy. My husband and I watch GoT the way we did Battlestar and Lost, so it’s must-see TV in our house (one of the few things we watch live). I imagined Gram a bit older, but Annie Potts is fantastic. To me, though, she’ll always be from Designing Women. I love Jared (Dean!). What a hottie.

    1. Yeah I know but I’ve always seen musicians as the leads. They are always wanting I break into acting. As far as Gram I figure if Len is 16-17 he grandma would be 60ish.

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