Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, check’em out!!!

 Today’s Topic: Top Ten Bookish People We’d Like to Meet

1.  Gretchen McNeil – Of course I’m going to choose my lastest author obsession (in a good bookish way I swear!).  I loved her first book Possess so much and her second book Ten comes out today!!! (Got my email saying it shipped!!!!AAAAAHHH!!!)

2.  Tee @ Ya Crush – How do I not choose Tee?  She is absolutely the best and I cannot wait to meet her because it will happen.  Who else (besides Dixie that is) will come with me to Wizarding World of Harry Potter and spaz out ALL DAY?!

3.  Stephanie Perkins – Not only do I love her books I love her hair just as much.  I wish I was able to color my hair like her!

4.  Candice @ The Grown-Up YA – She lives in BAMA.  I try not to hold that against her since she is such a cool Southern blogging chick but BAMA??  UGH.  (Still love ya Candice!)  Have you guys checked out her blog?  She is a super blogging ninja!

5.  Veronica Roth – Umm hello Divergent?!?  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I have a feeling on a scale of Twilight to Harry Potter that Divergent is above Hunger Games for me.

6. Sandie @ Teen Lit Rocks – We’ve only just “met” in the blogging world but she’s got awesome info on celebs, bookish movies, and great book taste!

7.  Jen Lancaster – I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  She seems like a big bowl of fun.  I think hanging with her would be a blast and whenever I could I could also hang with. . .

8.  Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide  – She is super nice, a huge overachiever (in an awesome way!) and like Candice a super blogger.

9. J. K. Rowling – Do you need an explanation??  Really??? (SIDE NOTE:  I’m extremely excited to read her new adult novel but terrified at the same time.)

10. Alyssa @ Books Take You Places – I talk to her on twitter A LOT.   She’s pretty funny.


1.  Kristan Higgins & Jill Shalvis — two of my favorite authors, they’re pretty hilarious together, with their man wars on Facebook.  I think they would be great to have a long lunch with, full of laughs.

2.  Emily Giffin — another favorite.  I have been following her on Facebook longer than any other author.  She’s funny, smart and I think we have a lot of the same points of view. 

3.  JK Rowling — I’d drop some veritaserum into her tea & pick her brain about all things Harry Potter.

4.  John Green — I love him and I think he’s funny and very smart (I think I would feel very inadequate & uneducated in his presence, though).

5.  Tee @ YA Crush — My bookish soul sister.

6.  All our other blogger friends:  Candice, Brittany, Bree @ Romance Around the Corner, Elizabeth @ Don’t Take my Books Away, Sandie, Carrie @ Stalking the Bookshelves …I could go on & on.

7.  All my other favorite authors:  Lori Foster, Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Janet Evanovich, Meg Cabot, Diana Peterfreund, Rainbow Rowell, Elizabeth Eulberg, Rick Riordan…again, I could go on.

8.  My favorite authors from my youth:  RL Stine, Christopher Pike, Richard Peck, LM Montgomery, Jean Thessman, Jane Austen…

9.  Anyone else who likes to read as much as I do and would listen to me talk AD NAUSEUM about Harry Potter.



who would you like to meet?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Maggie, I wish I had remembered to list Stephanie Perkins on my list! I love her hair, too!

    So far I’ve seen JK Rowling on everyone’s lists today. She was on mine! Right at the top. I would freak out just to be in the same room as her!

    Dixie- Jane Austen is on my list, too! Oh my gosh, if sher were still alive, and I got to talk to her, I would pretty just want to talk about Mr. Darcy!

  2. Hiiiiya! Okay, that was me being a ninja. 🙂

    Also, I’d like to point out that I WILL GO TO HARRY POTTER WORLD WITH YOU AND FANGIRL THE ENTIRE TIME!!! And Dixie, even though you’re now even farther away from me, Texas is pretty cool so maybe there needs to be a blogger retreat to the Lone Star State!

    Also… Bama is awesome. Enough said.

      1. I almost wanted to delete this comment. . .I believe you spelled his last name wrong. . . SATAN. With that being said I WILL NOT START A FOOTBALL FIGHT. LOL. ~M

    1. Yessssss!!! A blogger retreat in Texas would be awesome. Because I COULD BE THERE. Also, Dixie, sometime we need to email one another about where you are living now in Texas. If you are close to me, maybe we’ll have occasion to meet up someday?

  3. Oh, we can talk about HP all day!!! I’m totally in. I dream of HP world…..
    I hope people see my over achieving as an endearing quality and not a crappy one haha

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