Lundi Lagniappe #17

This is where we list and review the books we read that don’t get a full review on their own.  Lundi = Monday, Lagniappe = a little something extra. 

Rift by Andrea Cremer (Nightshade Prequel) – I was disappointed on how the Nightshade series ended but this prequel? Ms Cremer I’m back on board! I LOVED this one. The only thing I wish there was a bit more of was the romance side but it was a very entertaining book. 4/5


The Summer of My Southern Discomfort by Stephanie Gayle — Northern lawyer exiles herself to Georgia to run  from a  love affair gone wrong.  I really liked the fish out of water dynamic (particularly because of the souther angle) and there was a sweet love story that was a very small part of the book.  4/5

Awkward by Marni Bates — Socially awkward girl becomes a hit on Youtube and becomes semi-famous.  It was cute and, sadly with the whole insta-fame of today, believable.  She didn’t become one of the mindless drones of popularity, but kept her integrity and sensibility.  4/5

Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl — Regency era Austenesque tale of a girl who needs to marry well in order to keep her late father’s hand made castle in the family.  Althea was smart and funny and willing to sacrifice herself on the alter of matrimony.  Read the first page and you’ll be laughing out loud.  And it only gets better.  4.5/5


3 thoughts on “Lundi Lagniappe #17

  1. Brittany October 8, 2012 at 12:48 pm Reply

    Yay, I’m so excited you liked Rift! I haven’t read any of the Nightshade series but I got to borrow this ARC and I loved it!! 🙂

    • Gone Pecan October 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm Reply

      The third Nightshade really ticked me off but I really liked this one. ~m

  2. Quinn October 8, 2012 at 4:28 pm Reply

    Dixie –

    I’m so glad you liked Awkward. I thought it was so funny.

    Okay, so I have checked out Keeping the Castle from the library before, but didn’t read it. But now I really want to read it. Thanks for the mini reviews

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