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Casting Call Shadow and Bone

Hello and welcome to the first Casting Call meme edition!!  For the past few weeks we, as a group, have been creating dream casts for several books and decided why should we have all the fun?  So join us!!

Today’s book:

Let’s get started!


India Eisley  – I think she has the perfect look for this character.   A look of innocence but with the proper motivation and training, deadly skills.  Though it has nothing to do with the actual casting did you guys know her mom played Juliet in the movie version back in the 60s?  That is probably my favorite version (I’m sorry but the updated one kind of freaks me out, but I still love it as well.)


Logan Lerman – For Mal I wanted someone who looked like the boy next door/best friend type but at the same time could convince you that he is a leading love interest.  Dixie recently went see Perks and I think according to her he can definitely pull this off.

The Darkling

Richard Madden – I’m not going to lie, Richard was my third pick for this character.  My first choice and I’m sure about 99% of everyone else’s was Ian Somerhalder and if you say you didn’t at least think about picking him you are lying.  Ian definitely gives the smoldering vibe (though I’m admitting here I’ve never seen The Vampire Diaries, I only know him from LOST).  My second pick was Kit Harington.  He is absolutely gorgeous but then I thought about it more and realized I didn’t want to end up picking him every week just because I would listen to him read my grocery list.  The Darkling is both good and bad and that reminded me more of Robb Stark who is learning how to fight wars while still protect his family.  Plus seeing G of T and everyone in all that fur it was an easy transition to see him in all the great clothing from the book.


Deborah Ann Woll – Again she wasn’t my first choice.  First choice was Molly Quinn from Castle (another recent obsession since I’ve watched all of the first four seasons in the past month.)  But yet again like the Darkling I thought about it more.  As far as I can tell book wise Deborah’s character from True Blood, Jessica, is not in the books  (I’ve only read through book 5) but she is hands down (next to Jason) my favorite character on the show.  Genya is supposed to be this beautiful woman who “knows her place” in the pecking order at the castle but can also be secretive and plot horrible things.  I think she would be a great choice.

Ok, so that’s all I’ve got, what about you??  Cast your own Shadow and Bone and link up over at Teen Lit Rocks!!!

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8 thoughts on “Casting Call Shadow and Bone

  1. I picked Deborah Ann Woll too!!!! Yay! I’m glad we agree on that one.
    NO I did NOT think of Ian Somerhalder and I’m not lying haha. I was so focused on Matt Bomer that he never crossed my mind. Plus, I don’t think Ian is attractive lol
    Love your choices 🙂

  2. Oh man Percy! Er… Logan. Although I don’t really see him as Mal, he could totally handle the role. He’s very actiony. Also love your choice for Alina – those eyes! And yes, I completely agree with you on R&J. While I love the newer version (although can it still be called newer if it’s over 15 years old?) the older version is what I think of when I think of R&J. Great choices all around!

  3. LOVE your casting. Alina is beautiful. She looks just like her mom! Also, I think we need to discuss this serious lack of Vampire Diaries in your life. If I lived near you I’d force you to watch it with me every week. And you’d love it! 🙂

  4. Oh, I love that you cast Olivia Hussey’s lookalike daughter! Ha about everyone casting Ian Somerhalder. I don’t watch VD either, so it’s really just his ability to channel that sort of smarmy but charming evil! I like Deborah Ann Woll, and I hope she can transition to more films. The only recent one I saw her in was a bit of a snooze-fest.

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