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The Selective Collective: Meant to Be

For our November pick the SC chose:

Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill

Gone Pecan’s post for this book??  An author  Q&A and GIVEAWAY!  That’s right YOU could win a copy of this swoony worthy book.  (See below for details.)

We want to welcome Lauren Morrill to our little corner of the internet and thank her for taking the time to answer our questions about herself and her awesome debut Meant to Be.

1.  You’ve held a number of different jobs.  If you had to choose one of your former jobs to do for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

I think a lot of times a good job is all about who you work with, and in that case, I’d have to say my job in admissions at Harvard was the best. My office was such a great atmosphere. I wrote the entirety of my second book while working there (I’d stay late in the office once everyone was gone), which would be exhausting if I didn’t love it! My few months working as a clown in high school was pretty awesome, too. I got paid really well to make balloon animals and paint kids’ faces. Who doesn’t love that?

2.  Julia has a lot of quirks (like her love of History and Shakespeare and following the rules).  How are you like her?

I definitely share her love of history (it was my major in college) and her obsession with the Beatles. I actually took a whole class on the Beatles at Indiana University, which fueled a lot of the references in the book. Unfortunately, Julia is a bit more diligent about her studies than I ever was. I’m a champion procrastinator!

3.  Have you ever experienced a romance with someone who was your opposite or your nemesis, like Julia and Jason?

Never my nemesis, but I’ve definitely dated people who were very different than I am. My husband is, in a lot of ways, very different from me. Luckily that mostly manifests itself in our cooking (he’s amazing, I make nothing). It also means that after more than 7 years together, we still have really interesting conversations and debates.
4.  Dixie is always wondering about the author’s intentions.  For Jason, did he have feelings for Julia the whole time or did he develop them during the course of the time they spent together?

In my mind, Jason had always sort of found Julia to be interesting, but it wasn’t until the trip that he really fell for her. I like when characters are oblivious to their own good qualities, or think others don’t recognize them. Jason was always interested in Julia’s dedication to school, her swimming talent, but it wasn’t until he spent time with her that he realized just how great she really was.

 5.  From following you on twitter and from your website you mention that you do roller derby.  (Maggie might have a slight obsession with it but chickened out when her friend joined.) How did your involvement come about and what is your derby name?

My name is Mona Mour (my tagline is “Love hurts”). I started playing back in 2007, after seeing that old A&E reality show, Rollergirls. It looked so fun! Right around then a new league was forming in Bloomington, IN, where I was in grad school, so I joined. And I’ve never looked back! After I moved to Boston, I played with the Boston Derby Dames for 4 years, and now that I live in Georgia I’m skating with a new league here in town and helping them get started. Roller derby has absolutely changed me life. It’s made me fit and strong, it’s boosted my confidence, and just generally made me feel like more of a badass. I’m starting my 6th season with no signs of stopping!

Want to win a copy of Meant to Be?  We’ve made it super easy!  Just leave us a comment on the post with what derby name you would pick and your email address!  You have until 11/21/12 to enter.  Open to U.S only.   The giveaway is over, congrats to our winner, Alice @ Alice in Readerland!

We wanted to be fair, so we are both picking names as well:

Dixie’s Derby Name:  Luna Hurtgood – I love Luna from Harry Potter. 🙂

Maggie’s Derby Name:  VeRoux K. Assault  – I’ve thought long and hard about that one.  I wanted to join derby awhile back and even went to one practice but I chickened out.  This one references a great character, a big 90s band, my southern heritage, and it’s just a touch violent.  Great balance.

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Thanks to Random House for sending us copies for review.

13 thoughts on “The Selective Collective: Meant to Be

  1. I love roller derby too! I can’t do it, because I’m terribly uncoordinated, but my hairstylist is part of a DC team (Sheara Knightley is her name!), and it’s so much fun to hear about every time I get my hair cut, lol. Lauren, I can attest, is sweet and funny, and we’re so lucky we met her in Charleston. Can’t wait to read her next book.

  2. I don’t know much about roller derby but it sounds fun! I just googled it and apparently there’s lots of stuff for it in my city! Who knew eh. I’d probably fall more times than I can count lol. As for a name…um, how about Carlie Crusher? I like the ring of it lol.
    And my email is kelseysclutteredbookshelf at gmail dot com.
    Thanks for the Q&A and giveaway!

  3. Ermmmm….Victorious Vivien…..HA!

    That’s lame. Anyways, it’s so interesting to hear about her being a Derby Girl. Plus, this books sounds fab!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  4. Great interview! Roller Derby sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read Meant to Be. My Roller Derby Name? Whistiln’ Dixie Daisy. Thanks for the giveaway!

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