Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2013


Welcome!!  We are participating in the 2013 Book Blogger Love-a-Thon hosted by Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books and Katelyn @ Kate’s Tales of Books & Bands.  For our Blogger interview swap portion we were matched up with Audra over @ The Society.  It was lovely to chat with her and we hope that we talk more in the future!

Based on your blog you obviously love the Matched series by Ally Condie.  Would you consider this your favorite series?  Why?

While I do absolutely love the Matched trilogy, I have to say my favorite series still remains to be Harry Potter. I was always a big reader when I was younger but as I went into high school reading fell to the wayside, and the Harry Potter series is what brought me back to reading as an adult in college.
To date, what is your greatest blogging accomplishment?
Probably anytime I’m asked to participate in a blog tour or something special for a book. I feel so honored to be able to help spread the word for an author of a book I loved reading, and want to get as many other people to talk about it too.
We tried to find an about me on your blog but came up short.  Tell us and the blogging world a bit more about yourself.  Is there something you wish more bloggers knew about you and your blog?
The-Society was something started just with a love of Matched, Ally Condie and really books in general. It was a great outlet to get excited for something I loved and also to be excited with other fans of the trilogy. When the Matched series ended with Reached, we decided that we love blogging, and have opened the site more to YA in general, and not just Matched.
 What is your most prized bookish possession?
Oh, good one! Probably my foreign book editions. There’s something so neat about them that I almost collect and hoard them. I might have a problem!
 YA books are all about the series lately.  What are some series that you wish would get more love in the blogger world or new series you think more bloggers should be buzzing about?
I can’t think of a series that needs more love, I think all the ones I’ve read are pretty popular ones that get a fair amount of buzz. I do wish there was more love to series in general. I’ve noticed a bit of a trend lately where people seem to get really bothered over trilogies and the book titles that go with it. I’m happy to read more than one book so it gets me excited when I know there will be more books from an author I love, set in a world with characters I love. And for titles- I don’t mind if titles are similar, rhyme, etc. but some people seem to get really heated over this!
Do you belong to any book clubs?
I don’t! I wanted to get involved in a local one a bit ago, but life is hectic with working a job outside of blogging that it’s hard to even fit in reading sometimes!
What stand alone book would you recommend everyone should read?
I just finished Out of the Easy and cannot say enough glowing things about that book. I really feel that this is a book everyone should be reading. If I had a wishlist of things that should be in a book, Out of the Easy would have all of them. I haven’t felt that charged about a book since I first read Matched!
Audra can be found @ The Society & on twitter @thesocietynet

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