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The Selective Collective: Nobody But Us – Trippin in YA


The SC’s latest pick:


Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook

Being our first go at the “freebie” post for the SC we did a bit of debating.  What should we talk about?  After much thought Brittany gave us the idea to do a post on road trips in books and how they affect the storyline.  After her great idea we had another mini debate in the SC.  What constitutes a road trip book?  The following are what we came up with as some of our favorites:

Trippin in YA

Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook – Will and Zoe’s trip is not a happy one.  Though it gives us time to get to know them and find out about their home lives and lack of support systems it also gives us time to see they aren’t ready to be on their own and are too naive to know running alone won’t solve the issues they are forced to deal with. – Kristina @ Gone Pecan


In Honor by Jessi Kirby – Jessi Kirby conveys how a roadtrip can be a journey of processing grief in her emotional novel “In Honor.” High-school graduate Honor has just lost her beloved brother Finn to his wartime deployment. In his memory, she embarks on a roadtrip to see their favorite singer’s last concert. Finn’s estranged best friend Rusty invites himself along, adding an underlying sense of mutual loss (and also romantic tension) to the story. Like the best roadtrip books, there’s a much deeper reason for the  trip than “Let’s go see this Taylor Swift-like singer’s final public  performance!”; Honor and Rusty’s journey is a tribute to Finn’s unconditional love and the best stepping stone for moving forward either of them could’ve imagined. – Sandie @ Teen Lit Rocks


The Disenchantments by Nina Lacour – A great road trip book about music, friends, and and unknown futures.  Colby and Bev learn that plans can change, and that isn’t so horrible to want to step out on your own and be heard.  This is a book that both kids and adults should read if feeling a bit lost.  It’s a beautifully written book that I think it would help put things into perspective for others. – Kristina @ Gone Pecan


Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson –  The road trip in this novel takes up the majority of the book.  The “detour” comes into play early on, throwing their scheduled route out the window in exchange for a more colorful and interesting parth that brings them closer to each other in a way that only forced proximity can accomplish and helps them to ver their issues with junk food, intimate talks, amazing music and intriguing sights.  The road trip acts as a therapy session and, ultimately, a matchmaker. – Daphne @ Gone Pecan


Saving June by Hannah Harrington – After Harper’s older sister, June, commits suicide, Harper, her best friend, and Jake, a mysterious friend of June’s, embark on a road trip (against the wishes of Harper’s family). The goal is to take June’s ashes to California in the hope of helping her realize a secret dream she had, one that she kept from her family. On this journey, both the literal and emotional one, Harper discovers that there’s so much she didn’t know about her sister and that maybe the girl who seemed to have it together, who constantly seemed to outshine her, was just as confused and conflicted as she is.  Here she finally begins to see June clearly, and she begins to see herself and all of the potential she’s never realized. The road trip is as vivid a part of the story as any of the characters, laced with tourist stops and interesting music tid bits, but it’s the relationships Harper has with her best friend and with Jake that really stand out. – Tee @ Ya Crush

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Thanks to Harper Teen for sending us copies for review.

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  1. The only one I haven’t read is Nina Lacour’s book; so it’s definitely going on the TBR list right now. I also liked REUNITED by Hilary Graham; very good road trip book but with girlfriends instead of a budding romance.

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