Nothing But Blue by Lisa Jahn-Clough

nbAll dead. No one survived. All dead.

This morbid chant haunts seventeen-year-old Blue as she trudges through the countryside with just the clothes on her back, heading to her childhood home on the ocean. Something absolutely awful has happened, she knows it, but she doesn’t know what. She can’t even remember her name, so she calls herself Blue. This gripping survival story—peppered with flashbacks to bittersweet times with her boyfriend, Jake—strips life down to its bare bones. Blue learns, with the help of a seemingly magical stray dog and kind people along the road, that the important thing is to live.

Source:  egalley/ARC via Houghton Mifflin/Netgalley

Story Breakdown:

A girl walking alone down a road cannot remember her name or what has happened to her.  She keeps repeating a thought that everyone is dead but when she tries to remember what happened something blocks it.  As she continues on her journey to her “home” she meets up with a special dog and several people who help her along the way while flashing back to “before”.

Character Highlights:

Blue – I think she bothered at times because of her attitude in the “before” portion of the book.  Her complete trust in Jake made me so mad.  I did love her relationship with her dog, I wish I could understand what mine was trying to say at times.

Jake – What a douche.

Snake –  We don’t see much of him and I would have liked more closure on his part in Blue’s story.  Seems like a good guy overall though.

Overall Thoughts:  It’s a very short book so it can be a quick read but I wasn’t compelled to read this in one seating. I liked the book and I loved the blurb before hand but after I started I just couldn’t really connect with the story or any of the characters since most of the thoughts seemed randomly strung together at times.  If you are a fan of “issue” books I think this is something you will enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Nothing But Blue by Lisa Jahn-Clough

  1. Candice @ The Grown-Up YA May 3, 2013 at 9:03 am Reply

    Sounds…. kinda different? Maybe not the book for me though.

    • Gone Pecan May 3, 2013 at 9:06 am Reply

      Yeah. . .based on what I know you like to read I say you pass. 😛

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