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The Selective Collective: The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler


Our May pick:


The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler

For our May book Gone Pecan was given the task of trying to locate the dream cast for this lovely book.


Jude Hernandez is the youngest daughter of a couple of expatriat Argentenians, she’s the first generation to be born and raised in America.  She’s been raised as much by her sisters as she has been by her parents. Jude is an actress, but not dramatic the way that many who persue this creative outlet are. What I liked about Jude is that she knew who she was and didn’t try to fit some other mold.  She really didn’t physically coalesce to me in any real way, I didn’t see her face when I was reading, but I had to find someone to cast as her and it was hard. My friend, Sandie, explained to me that Argentinians have a more European look, rather than straight up hispanic looking, so that actually made it easier.  But I wanted to make sure the person portraying this fantastic charcter was also Latino, so I found this beautiful young lady, Nathalia Ramos, who stars in the Nickelodeon television show, The House of Anubis.  She was born in Spain and she’s just gorgeous, someone I think could really grab the attention of Emilio.


Now, Emilio was much easier to cast.  Emilio is the youngest son of a heartbreaking Puerto Rican family that has tormented the love lives of the Hernandez sisters.  Emilio is also a motorcycle mechanic with a wanderlust, much like Jude’s papi.  He’s very charismatic and easy on the eyes.  When I first brought this task to our group, Sandie suggested Tyler Posey, who I think is adorable, but I hadn’t even started the book yet. I was actually looking at someone else and was just going to take Sandie’s suggestions with a grain of salt, but when I started reading, Tyler is who I saw, he fit perfectly. He’s so hot and he looks like a real sweetheart. Tyler currently stars in MTV’s reinterpretation of Teen Wolf as Scott McCall, but you may also remember him as Jennifer Lopez’s adorable son in Maid in Manhattan.

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Thanks to Simon for providing ARCS for review on the SC.

6 thoughts on “The Selective Collective: The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler

  1. Fabulous picks. You know what’s funny? My daughter watches House of Anubis, so I actually recognized Nathalia Ramos. She’s adorable.

  2. Oh! I love love these picks. Jude had darker hair in my head, but I do love the smile of this actor for Emilio. I would LOVE to see this as a movie actually. Just the setting alone… and the motorcycle rides. ROMANCE.

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