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Top 10 Tuesday # 75


Hosted by the ladies @ The Broke & The Bookish, this week’s question is:

What is on your Summer TBR List

To populate this list, I needed to head over to Netgalley to see what I had out. It isn’t pretty, guys. LOADS of books I need to be reading. 

1. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales.  I loved her other two books, Past Perfect and Mostly Good Girls. Excited to get to this.

2. Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts.  It’s the YA version of A Friend for the End of the World (which I saw recently & LOVED). Love, friendship, DRAMA.

3. Surrender to Sultry by Macy Beckett. I think it’s the last book in the Sultry Springs series, but if it isn’t, even better. I love this author & this series. I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet.

4. It Had to be You by Jill Shalvis. Lucky Harbor #7. This author really knows her way around a romance & I just love this town and the characters so much.

5. Dark Lover by J. R. Ward. I have been meaning to read this first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series forever & I made a promise I would before the end of the month.

6. 45 Pounds (More or Less) by K. A. Barson. A YA book about a girl who wants to lose weight to be in her Aunt’s wedding. It sounds so cute and promising.

7. Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich. Janet Evanovich’s daughter, this book looks really fun.  *edit* I totally lied, this isn’t true. Alex Evanovich is her daughter.  Oops, book still looks funny, though.

8. The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. A new series by JE, this one revolving around an FBI agent and the man she’s been hot to put away, who is now working with her. I can smell the sexual tension. Is that weird? That sounds weird. Forget I said that.

9. Succubus Blues by Richelle Meade. Another one I’ve been having forever. I have heard great things about it and it really sounds like something I’ll love.

10. Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. I just love her. She’s funny & has great characters.


11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday # 75

  1. I’m especially looking forward to Tumble & Fall and This Song Will Save Your Life! But excellent list overall! I didn’t know that was Janet Evanovich’s daughter! Huh. I think I’ll wait to see how people feel about it before diving in because honestly…. I still need to finish the Stephanie Plum series too! Oops!!!

    1. i am caught up on SP, but i’m looking forward to th enext one. i have T&F & TSWSYL on netgalley…need to get on it!

  2. Looks great! I still need to read some of Jill Shavis’ books; they all sound oh so good! Also yay for Sophie Kinsella! I’ve loved all the books that I’ve read by her!

    1. i have read some sophie kinsella & she’s very funny & the books are cute, so i can’t wait to read WN. I haven’t read any JRW yet…but my friends assure me i’ll love it.

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