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Who Needs Magic? by Kathy McCullough

magicNow that Delaney Collins knows she’s a fairy godmother, she’s ready to make magic happen. But first, she has to find her next client. And it’s not as easy as she thought it would be.

Delaney’s spending the summer working at Treasures, a secondhand store at the mall, surrounded by cool vintage boots—and potential clients. But when she finally feels a connection with Jeni, a girl who needs a life-changing, happily-ever-after wish . . . Jeni doesn’t want her help. And to make matters worse, Delaney finds herself competing with another f.g. Glittery, sparkly Ariella is an uber-f.g., granting wishes with a flick of her lemon candy stick, while Delaney can’t seem to make anything happen. Not even a summer romance with her boyfriend, Flynn.
It takes more than waving a chopstick to make big wishes come true. But what good is being an f.g. if you can’t make the boy you like want to be with you as much as you want to be with him?

Source:  ARC via Delacorte/Random House

Story Breakdown:

Still learning the f.g. ropes Delaney is trying to balance family life, her new status as girlfriend (hello Flynn!), and finding her next client.  While working her summer job at the mall she runs into Jeni, her potential client and another fairy godmother, Ariella.  As Delaney gets to know her and try to find out more about the f.g. world she learns that Ariella also has a client or “beneficiary” as she likes to call them.   But it turns out their wishes aren’t so far apart. . .

Character Highlights: 

Delaney – Though I liked her so much more this book I’m sad that she reverted back to her old self for so much of the book.  It’s hard to root for someone who is constantly being a negative Nancy.  Pity Party table for one!

Ariella – What a little witch!

Flynn – Where was he?!  I missed him in the book-definitely not enough time for time.  After the way things ended in book one I was definitely expected more here.

Overall Thoughts:

I reviewed book one Don’t Expect Magic and loved it so I was grateful that I was able to receive an ARC for book two.  While you definitely see more of Delaney that’s pretty much the only person you see for the entire book.  I would definitely have liked more interaction, whether it was with her family, Flynn (EEP), or her new friends.  With that being said I still loved the story and it was super cute with several LOL moments.  I’d recommend this to anyone who has read the first book, or someone who likes a more light-hearted, fun, PG story line.


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