Bout of Books 8.0


Here we are again.  Another day, another bout!  We’re going to do something a litle different this time. Since we both like to be more open to what we read, we don’t want to specify which books exactly we will read, but we want our readers to determine at least one book for each of us to read, so we’re doing a poll.  Pick the book you think we should read and we’ll make sure to read it during the bout. Sounds fun? Hopefully. 🙂  If you’re unfamiliar with the book, just click on the link and it will take you to goodreads.

Here’s what are goals are:


Ok, obviously I’m not going to be able to read 11 books BUT I’m sure going to try!!  I want to knock out as many of these as I can but at the same time I wanted to give myself options in case I’m just not in the mood to read any of them when the bout starts. I’ve included a mix of books I need/want to review as well as books I just need to read or return to others because I’ve held onto them for way too long.
Books I Need to Return to Others (no review):
The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda (Ok, I MIGHT review this one)
Books for Review:
Project Cain/Cain’s Blood by Geoffrey Girard (This is one ARC with two books in it.)
The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa
Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown
Books for Possible Review:
Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
Insurgent by Veronica Roth (I listed this one on my last bout I believe but I failed to get to it.)
Adorkable by Sarra Manning
Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley
Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare – I consider this a bonus book because I’ve already started it but I can’t make myself finish it.  I cannot tell you how much I hate Jem and Tessa and so far I’ve only been able to read about 20-30 pages at a time because I want to throw the book across the room.  If/when I complete it I might have a serious rant session.
I love Bout of Books because it makes me accountable, when this blog sometimes doesn’t, to read the books that I said I would read.  I have been in a reading funk lately, I think this is because I’ve started school and I have a lot of reading to do for that, so reading for fun is less fun. But anyway, I will use this Bout of Books to read a few books that I need to review and return to others.  I want to give myself a goal of four books, though I think that’s pushing it.  I will try my best. And by “try my best,” of course, I mean that I will probably read the shortest books listed in order to meet my goal. 🙂  And of course, for the ones that need to be reviewed, I will review also.  I will also participate in some Bout of Books challenges and giveaways and at least one twitter chat. Follow me @daphnetrumps.
Books I need to return to others:
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting
If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
Books for Review:
Accidents Happen by Louise Millar
Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky
Anatomy of a Single Girl by Daria Snadowsky
Awaken by Meg Cabot
Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick
Invisible by Marni Bates
Once is Never Enough by Mira Lynn Kelly
Perks of Being a Beauty by Manda Collins
Project Cain/Cain’s Blood by Geoffrey Girard
Recipe for Disaster by Nina Harrison
Runaway Groom by Sally Clements
Surrender to Sulty by Macy Beckett
The Winning Season by Alison Packard
Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 8.0

  1. Alison August 9, 2013 at 8:42 pm Reply

    Kristina, you need to read (and review) The Hunt. I won it a while back but have been hesitant to pick it up. You need to tell me if I should read it. 😉 YES you must read Adulting!

    Daphne, Scarlet and Sea of Monsters are definitely worth reading! They both get my vote.

  2. bookgoonie August 12, 2013 at 6:38 am Reply

    That’s one way to pass the buck. Lol. BoB is always fun & stress-free, except the self-placed-what-book-to-read-next.

  3. C August 12, 2013 at 8:01 pm Reply

    K – Insurgent!! This needs to get read, stat.

    D – You know I voted for Sultry 🙂

  4. Bout of Books 8.0: Day One | Gone Pecan August 19, 2013 at 2:11 pm Reply

    […] the first day of Bout of Books and if you want to read our goals post check it out here.  Since the bout started at midnight today, we haven’t read much (or at all), but we […]

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