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The Selective Collective: The Infinite Moment of Us


This month’s featured book:


Lauren Myracle’s The Infinite Moment of US

Gone Pecan was lucky enough to host the Q & A portion of the SC feature this month.

1.  Some of us here at the SC are new to your books. They definitely don’t  shy away from certain areas or tough topics just because they are YA. What has been your  most positive experience from writing about these controversial issues?
Here’s my perspective: Life is a mystery. There are few absolutes; in fact, for me, there is only one absolute–love. With that said, I see no reason to lead a conventional life or write about conventional topics, and the fact that I’m writing for teens doesn’t change my approach. Do some readers get uncomfortable? Yeah, sure. But others contact me and say things like, “I never knew ____,” “Thank you so much for saying out loud that ____,” “I have always ____, and I felt like that made me a bad person, and you have given me the strength to believe in myself again.” Those are the positive experiences that sustain me when the haters bring me down.
2.  Without giving away anything the ending is very open-ended IMO.  There tend to be strong opinions for clear cut endings, epilogues, etc.  Due to the nature of the book did you feel it was necessary to end it like you did or did is flow to that naturally?
Do there tend to be strong opinions that books should have clear cut endings? I didn’t know that. Interesting. Well, I certainly wouldn’t write a book a certain way in order to follow a trend or to meet readers’ expectations. Not that I don’t love my readers! I do! But my job is to be true to the book, not to give a reader a nice little box with a bow, and inside the box a cupcake, and no surprises anywhere. But to address the other part of your question, no, I didn’t feel as if it were *necessary* to end Infinite Moment as I did. I just wanted to. 🙂 I can be contrary that way.
3.  In The Infinite Moment of Us Wren and Charlie are both struggling with family expectations that are causing them to live their lives differently than they wanted.  Is this based on personal experiences or observations?

Ha. Both! Families are awesome. Families are glue–and, ideally, strong and positive and love-filled glue. But, a kid is not his or her family; a kid is part of his or her family. For a family to be a family, it has to be made up of individuals, right? Otherwise it’s just a beehive. So, ya know, I think it’s important for kids to grow into the people they want to be and to choose the lives they want to live. Then, as self-actualized humans, guess what? They’ll only make their families richer.

4.  What is one book you think every teenager should read?

Oh good glory. Really? These questions make my heart pound faster. What if I say the wrong thing???? Okay, okay, not gonna over think it. I’m going to go with…

Oh f***. I can’t do it. For one kid, it might be Ender’s Game. But what if the kid hated speculative fiction and never went on to read anything else? For another kid, maybe I’d say The Bluest Eye, because it’s so frickin’ beautiful and sad and eye-opening. But what if the kid I hand it to finds it too depressing, or too hard to get immersed in? So, sorry, Selective Collectives. Every teenager is DIFFERENT, yes? So I just can’t do it. I can’t force one book–even in imagination land–onto an infinity of kids.

5.  Do you have an inspirational quote that is motivating to you that you would like to share with today’s youth?

Yes! Oh, happy–this question I *do* have an answer to, and an easy answer at that! Although actually I have two “go to” quotes for when I need inspiration. Can I share them both?

“Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us. So be quick to love and make haste to be kind!” –Henri-Frederic Amiel


“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” –1 Corinithians 13:4-7


Now what would an SC post be without a giveaway?!  One lucky winner will get their very own finished copy of The Infinite Moment of UsPlease note the contest ends @ 12:00am 08/22/13 and is for US residents only.  We will email the winner on the 22nd and you will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked.  Just follow the link below to enter!

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Thanks to Amulet/Abrams for providing ARCS for review on the SC.

8 thoughts on “The Selective Collective: The Infinite Moment of Us

  1. Great interview. You’ve got me very interested in this book I’ve only read ttyl by her & look forward to adding others.

    Pressure & the family dynamic sound like good reasons to take a look at it.

  2. That’s such a great quote from Henri-Frederic Amiel!!
    Haha I love Lauren’s answers. It seems like she’s just always straight forward and that’s very cool, and I really loved how her answers were so candid! 🙂
    Great answer about families.. I think that’s really true! As much as your parents may want to raise their kids as carbon copies of themselves and protect them from all the mistakes in their own lives, it’s important for kids to have their own experiences (as well as shared ones) and sometimes life will get messy. You can only protect them so much!

  3. I enjoyed this interview, I really liked Myracle’s answers. I especially liked her answer to question 4. That was very insightful of her.

  4. This is one that I want to read like WHOA because 1) of all of the mixed reviews I’ve read and 2) because the author is a NC author and I try to support my peeps when I can. Plus I’m a cover girl (so shallow) and this cover is stunning. But seriously, I love the quotes AND the way when Lauren doesn’t have an answer, she flat-out says so. She’s honest, and I think that’s supercool. Nice giveaway and thanks for letting people like me enter it!

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