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We have a new Pecan! Welcome our new Teen Blogger: Kenzie


Everyone we have a new Pecan on the block!  My little cousin Kenzie (forgive me if I slip and call her my niece, we spend a lot of time together) loves to read.  She’s also interested in starting her own blog one day.  Being as she is only thirteen her mom told her to check with me about starting one and I decided to make room for her to post here on Gone Pecan so that she can take her time, become comfortable, ease into blogging and not be scared away by running her own right now.  We will be giving her a tab that we will call “Kenzie’s Korner” where she can post reviews, discussion posts, or whatever else she feels the need to write about.

Things you need to know about Kenzie:

*  She’s only 13 so please keep that in mind if you want to recommend a book or share with her.  Her mom is trusting me to judge what is appropriate since she isn’t a reader herself so I try to be extra cautious.

*  She is JUST starting out so we are easing her into blogging.  She won’t have a separate email or even a twitter account right now.  She IS on goodreads though. 🙂

* She’s loves to read!

Please welcome her into the community and feel free to recommend books!  She will be up and running with post in the next few weeks as we get her set up. 🙂


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