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#RothReread Divergent Redux Review

divergent reread2

Okay, so I finished the reread of Divergent.  My original review can be read here. But I thought it would be interesting to do a mini review of something I originally read nearly two years ago.

It was almost like reading it for the first time; I remembered some big things that happened, but not when they happened or why they happened.

What struck me on this read:

1. Now I am very curious about the “outside world”–The people inside these factions cannot be the only ones on the entire planet.c

2. What happens to the children of the factionless?  There has to be some.  Unless they sterilize them? They couldn’t police them to the point that they control their reproduction, can they? Maybe they can. Maybe this is completely irrelevent.  But if they do have children, are these children factionless as well? Or do they get to go through the whole choosing ceremony?

3. How can the Dauntless leaders not have some kind of control over what the initiates do?  I really find it hard to believe that they would let them do whatever they want, like get away with stabbing another initiate in the eye.  They would have to be pretty strict to get the initiates and members to take them seriously, to follow them.  This really bothered me.

4. I cannot wait to see if the next books offer more insight into the other factions, Amity & Candor.

5.  I am also very interested in more of Caleb, Christina, Marcus, and Peter and what is going to happen to them and with them now that the “war” has started and they’re all on the run.

6.  I know it won’t be smooth sailing for Tobias and Tris and I’m worried about them.  I forgot just how great Four is and why he’s so swoony.

7.  I wish we knew more about Tris’ mother and father, their relationship and how they met.  😦

8.  I am looking forward to Marcus getting his ass handed to him.  I hope it hurts a lot.  I hope Tobias isn’t so forgiving that Marcus gets away with what he did to him.

9.  I hope there is more kissing and more relationships formed.

10.  What the hell is Jeanine’s problem?

So, that’s what was bothering me in this read.  I went through it pretty quickly because I forgot most of what happened and I was again on the edge of my seat.  Can’t wait to start Insurgent (which is not a reread, it will be my first read of it).  This reread has reminded me that this is one of my favorite series, though I’ve only read the first book.  It’s definitely up there with the Hunger Games, Daughter of Smoke & Bones, and Mortal Instruments series for me.  I hope the momentum continues and that Insurgent doesn’t suffer from second book syndrome.

One thought on “#RothReread Divergent Redux Review

  1. You are a curious little reader. I didn’t even think about them being confined to a town & that there may be something different out there. I totally fell in love with Four all over again. Insurgent will continue to bring the feels. I just finished & there was no let down.

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