#RothReread #Insurgent Discussion Post 1

divergent reread2


This week’s #RothReread Discussion: What would you choose?  Your beliefs or your family?  What if you disagree with your family like Four does?

Initially, I thought that you would probably think along the same lines as your family, but then I realized how ridiculous that is.  Of course you don’t think exactly the same.  Most of my views are different than those of my brothers and sister and parents.  We all think differently and are good at different things (my sister is the most assertive person you will ever meet while I’m a more laid-back, go-with-the-flow type person, for example).  So in this case, I think I would have to go with what my heart and pick the side that doesn’t make me constantly question the way things are done.

Sometimes that won’t work, though, because there are bound to be things you don’t like about either side, and maybe in that case you have to strike out on your own, which is terrifying to me because then I would have to make my own rules and I’m not very disciplined. 🙂 I would like to stay with my family, of course, but I can see that probably would not necessarily be in my best interest or push the limits of my morality or ideals.

My nuclear family would probably stick to each other, but not necessarily to other extended family members. We tend to think differently than they do. Man, that was a difficult question. BUT…if I were a teenager, like Tris & Four, (unmarried and childless) I would go in the direction that I thought was best, I wouldn’t necessarily be with my family and I would be fine with that.


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