Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot (Heather Wells #4)


Heather Wells used to be a teen pop sensation…until her label dropped her for gaining a few extra pounds, and she walked in on her boy-band boyfriend Jordan Cartwright banging her pint-sized popstar replacement, Tania Trace. In the aftermath of this debacle, the last thing Heather expected were the plus-sized sparks that flared with Jordan’s big brother, Cooper. 

But now that Heather and Cooper are ready to tie the knot, she’s determined to keep her new job at New York College’s aptly-nicknamed “Death Dorm” from throwing a wrench (and the many other deadly little surprises it’s thrown in the past) into her happily-ever-after plans. (Maybe not the “ever after” – Heather and Cooper have learned to take the words “until death do us part” very seriously!) 

Now, in SIZE 12 AND READY TO ROCK, it’s summer break and the campus is quiet. But that doesn’t mean Heather can relax…because that ambulance she just saw pulling up in front of Death Dorm is there for none other than Tania Trace, now married to – and pregnant by – Heather’s ex…who just happens to be covered in his wife’s bodyguard’s blood. 

Just another day at Death Dorm – or has America’s hottest couple got a deadly secret? Soon Heather’s dodging photo-hungry paparazzi and squealing fourteen and fifteen year-old pop star protégés after the first-ever Tania Trace Rock Camp – with its own reality film crew – checks into the dorm. But when one of the producers of Tania’s reality show checks out – on a gurney – it’s clear murder wasn’t taking the summer off. 

Can Heather get estranged brothers Cooper and Jordan to bury the hatchet – before someone buries it into Cartwright Record’s biggest star? If the “reality” is that saving Tania’s life is what it takes to get her ex out of her life – and Cooper firmly into it, once and for all – Heather Wells is ready to rock, roll, and right some grievous wrongs! (From Goodreads)

Source: egalley through Edelweiss/Harper for review purposes

If you haven’t read any of the other books in the series, you need to know:  Heather is a former teen pop star.  Her father went to jail for tax evasion and her mother ran off with her manager & her money. Heather’s former boyfriend, boy band member, Jordan, cheated on Heather with Tania Trace, one of the biggest singers in the country.  Heather had to take a job as an assistant residence hall director for New York College and also works part-time for Jordan’s brother, Cooper, who is a private investigator. Cooper and Heather are newly engaged after finally giving in to their attraction to each other, but it’s super hush-hush.

That brings us to now.  It’s summer and Fischer Hall is supposed to be closed.  But due to some strange circumstances, Tania Trace’s Rock Camp has been moved to Heather’s dorm.  It seems that there are some accidents surrounding Tania, like her bodyguard getting shot, that may not be accidental.  Cooper is brought in as a replacement bodyguard and Heather is put in charge of the 50 14-16 year old reality-/pop-star-wannabees.

I love Meg Cabot.  She’s hilarious.  Her books, though there may be death and stalking in them, are still very light-hearted, smart, and funny.  But maybe I’ve read too many of her books.  Her main characters all pretty much sound the same.  The books are well-written and the plot is always interesting, but I pretty much see Meg Cabot when I’m reading Heather.

Having said that, I did like the book.  Cabot makes some people who should be irredeemable likeable, which is sometimes tough to pull off.  Heather and her various issues are relatable and cringe-worthy, but she’s great fun.  I immediately put in a request at the library for the fifth book, The Bride Wore Size 12.  I am very much looking forward to a quiet afternoon to read it.



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