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Knight of My Dreams by Lynsay Sands

knightOriginally appeared in the print anthology A Mother’s Way, under the title “Mother May I?”

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynsay Sands comes a classic short story of a knight in need of a bride …

Lady Alice knows she is not the type to entice a man. She’s too voluptuous, too intelligent, too strong minded. Why, she even reads! But then Jonathan, Earl of Fairley, arrives at court. Tall, dark and handsome, the knight is any woman’s dream. And he has just been ordered by the king to find a bride … and Alice is to help him!

Jonathan has been evading his mother’s matchmaking schemes for years, so why does she insist that Lady Alice isn’t for him? Alice is only to aid in his search for a bride, yet Jonathan can’t help but be distracted by her glorious hair—the color of a sunset—and a figure that is like a lush berry about to burst to full ripeness … Has Jonathan fallen prey to love?

Source:  eARC from publisher for review purposes (thanks!)

It’s the Middle Ages in England, hence the Knight in the story.  Jonathan has been ordered by the king to get married an,d of course, his first thought is that his mother has something to do with it because she has been throwing girls into his path for years.  She denies that this is her idea, but she is happy to finally get him married and to hopefully become a grandmother soon.  To help him to become acquainted with the women at court, she introduces him to her best friend’s daughter, Alice, but tells him that she is not a candidate.  Alice is to help him find a wife from the women at court.  In the meantime, Jonathan’s long-widowed mother begins a surprising relationship with Alice’s uncle, which irritates Jonathan.

Alice and Jonathan are instantly attracted to one another, but do not act on it, instead becoming friends after being thrown together so often.  Jonathan’s mother seems to really dislike Alice and Alice is confused about why she is not considered marriage material for the Lord.  Until one night, they can no longer hold it all back.

Oh, this was such a cute book! I loved Jonathan and Alice and the scheming mother.  It was quite fun watching them fall into her trap, though they both thought they were smarter than to fall for something so obvious.  I really found it interesting reading about this time period because I don’t usually because I find it to be quite dour.  This book, though, was more romance than history.  I would love to read more romances set in this time period, but only if they are as light-hearted and fun as this one turned out to be.  This is my first book by Lynsay Sands, but I fully intend to research her backlist.


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