I Mustache You Some Questions

mustache-questionsThe lovely Sarah over @ What Sarah Read tagged me in her post so here it goes. . . . (I borrowed the pic from her, not sure where it started?)



Four names that people call me (other than my real name!)

  • Kiki – I actually hear this MORE than my actual name.  It comes in many variations depending on what family member/friend I’m with. . . Kiki, Kiki-kenz, Kiki-Dee, Keek, Keekadilly, etc.
  • Kristi – Again, many variations.  Kris, K, Kristi, Baby K.  I have one aunt that will call me Kricky on occasion.
  • Loretta – YEARS AGO, I worked a beer booth at a festival here and some drunk man kept coming around asking for my name.  This is what I told him and the friends I was with still mention it from time to time.
  • Phillis – My mom is one of seven so being as me and my sister have matching hair color to two of her sisters and were born close in age like they were we get called their names more frequently than you would think.

Four jobs I’ve had

This might be a boring section since I’ve been with the same company for so long. . .let’s go back to high school (but not for long!)

  • Pizza Hut – Yeah, I worked there and we made fun of all your weird orders.
  • After school day care – I was just chatting with my family yesterday about this and how it made me feel old since the youngest kids I watched should be freshmen this year.  😦
  • Used book store – It wasn’t for very long and I didn’t do much besides shelve books but it was fun while it lasted.
  • Misc inventory jobs – Basically where I work now I’ve been promoted a few times but every job I’ve done involves inventory.  I do A LOT of counting, paperwork, and stare at way too many serial numbers.

Four movies I’ve watched more than once

  • Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightley version)
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Frozen
  • Speed – Just a little note on this one.  I was to put it mildly obsessed with this movie when it came out on VHS.  YES I SAID VHS.  I watched it once a day for over a month before my parents took it away and broke my dream of marrying Keanu.

Four books I’d recommend

  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – Considering I now own 5 copies I think it was a safe bet I was suggesting this one.
  • The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson – I don’t reread many books but this is one I will reread many times to come.
  • Virgins by Caryl Rivers – Seriously older book but one I love.  I remember borrowing it from my aunt and feeling so scandalous.
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Oh my little slice of Nerdvana.

Four places I’ve lived

  • Louisiana
  • Louisiana
  • Louisiana
  • Louisiana

Four places I’ve been

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Carlsbad
  • Orlando

Four places I’d rather be right now

  • with Tom Hiddleston
  • in bed sleeping
  • Disney World
  • England

Four things I don’t eat

  • Beans – ANY FORM.
  • Tomatoes – Though I do eat ketchup.
  • Most fish.  I’m very particular.
  • Any meat that is slightly pink.  In my mind it is still raw so no rare anything for me.

Four of my favorite foods

  • Cheeseburgers
  • Boiled crawfish or crabs
  • cheese, specifically smoked gouda.  YUM

Four TV shows that I watch

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Criminal Minds
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • The Mindy Project

Four things I’m looking forward to in 2015

  • My mom’s test results – I’m thinking positive and thoughts & prayers are welcome.  She goes back for scans in a little less than two weeks.
  • Pending those results, BEA.  – I’ve wanted to go but due to family obligations it just wasn’t manageable.  Hopefully once we get over this hurdle for my mom I can request the time off in May and book a flight!!
  • Starting my new job – I got a promotion about two months ago?  Unfortunately due to the holidays the hiring process for my replacement has slowed down quite a bit so I’m anxious to get someone in here and get started on my new area!
  • READING!! – As I mentioned I’ve had a lot going on family wise so reading was cut back dramatically.  hopefully I will be able to pick up steam again. I had to step back from a brand new feature I’m a part of with several other bloggers and January is my first month back.

Four things I’m always saying

  • UGH.
  • Did the mail pass?
  • No ma’am! (I watch my niece a lot.)

Four people I tag



4 thoughts on “I Mustache You Some Questions

  1. Candice December 26, 2014 at 9:27 am Reply

    How fun! 🙂

  2. Lori December 26, 2014 at 7:41 pm Reply

    Oh my god! I was OBSESSED with Speed too! Had it on VHS and watched it a ton. I still quote it all the time. And Keanu Reeves was seriously hot in that movie. My teenage hormones could barely stand it! Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t the only one!
    Have a great rest of the year and I hope everything goes well with your mom’s tests!

  3. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook December 28, 2014 at 8:06 am Reply

    Oh my gosh, this is took cute. Even though I haven’t been tagged, I might participate anyway.

    You have a lot of nicknames. I don’t really have any, especially now that I am an adult.

    I hope your mom is doing okay.

  4. We Heart YA December 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm Reply

    LOL at Loretta. And Keanu. And the “4” places you’ve lived. Such a fun meme. 🙂

    OK, my turn…

    – 4 names: Stan, Maggie (long story), Julie (high school classmate mixed up me and a friend’s name and I never corrected her), Tata Christmas (melts my heart, because it’s what my little French cousin calls me)

    – 4 jobs: newspaper intern, graphic design intern, project manager, office manager

    – 4 movies: Mulan, Spice World, Practical Magic, Joy Luck Club

    – 4 books: TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS by Cheryl Strayed and Harry Potter (the whole series) by JK Rowling (really can’t pick 4 because my recommendations depend on the recipient!)

    – 4 places I’ve lived: Houston, Pittsburgh, Madrid, Cincinnati

    – 4 places I’ve been: Galapagos, Botswana, Taiwan, Italy

    – 4 places I’d rather be: nowhere, really… (though I wouldn’t mind moving to Seattle)

    – 4 things I don’t eat: celery (it’s EVIL), mushrooms, most *raw* veggies (but I like most of them cooked), weird stuff (like testicles or brains)

    – 4 fave foods: scallion pancakes, mac & cheese, cherries, noodle soup (in its many forms)

    – 4 TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy (yes, still), The Mindy Project (yay we have that in common!), So You Think You Can Dance, Game of Thrones

    – 4 things in 2015: going back to Taiwan (my mom’s homeland), my friends’ wedding, writing another book, reading

    – 4 things I say: “ep!” (my dog’s “no” word), “Siri, remind me to…,” “I’m hungry,” “I’m tired”

    That was fun, hehe. Best thoughts for your mom and family. Happy New Year!

    – Kristan

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