Have You Seen This. . . .?


The genius minds of Brittany and Andi have brought us yet another way to chat and obsess about books!  I’ve linked both of these beauties so be sure and check out their blogs and create your own post!  Do you have a specific copy of a book you are looking to add to your collection?  I sure am!  Below are my all time give me all the copies/I’m a book hoarder now authors that I’m on the hunt for. . . .


I’ve had several people inquire about “What I Have” asking me to trade these items.  GUYS.  If you read the post these are the authors I’m collecting, I do not and will not trade what I have, that is just to show what editions I have and what I an looking for. . . please read the entire post.  I do have books for trade but it is NOT anything listed here.


My love for this woman and her books knows no bounds.  I loved her before Eleanor and Park and I will love her forever and a day for creating characters that inspire me and stay with me.  I have multiples of all of her books but there are few more I wouldn’t mind adding. . .


Attachments: ARC, hardcover, paperback, audio, UK (pink/green/yellow cover), UK hardback and paperback (pink heart-shaped faces)

Eleanor & Park: ARC, finished signed copy (original cover), blue collector’s cover, UK yellow cover w/mixed tapes, and two UK with the park bench on the cover- one w/yellow bar at bottom & one w/the red bar at the bottom.

Fangirl:  ARC (personalized & signed), finished copy original cover, finished copy special edition pink UK cover, yellow cover special edition, light pink special edition signed, dark pink special edition,

Landline:  ARC, finished copy, audio (2), UK Hardback (original edition, full phone)

My True Love Gave To Me:  ARC, finished copy, 2 UK special editions (blue and pink covers)


Attachments UK ARC

Eleanor & Park and Fangirl audios

any swag related to her or her books ( I do have some buttons but I’m always looking for more!)

foreign editions of any of her books (I do own a few listed above but I have several to go!)



I’m slightly Grisha obsessed and these are on a very short list of books I’ve reread in the last five years.


Shadow and Bone: ARC, hardcover, MP3 audio

Siege & Storm:  ARC, hardcover, paperback, nail polish

Ruin & Rising:  2 hardcovers (silver & gold covers), sampler + box & candles

WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: (I will be buying these but I’m open to trading until I can buy them all.)

Shadow and Bone paperback

Siege & Storm audio (MP3)

Ruin & Rising  audio (MP3)

ANY SWAG.  I have a few buttons from her recent tour but I know there were nail polishes and what not.




The Assassin’s Blade – finished hardback copy, MP3 audio

Throne of Glass – original cover finished hardback copy, new cover finished hardback copy, MP3 audio

Crown of Midnight – ARC, finished hardback copy, MP3 audio

Heir of Fire – ARC, finished hardback copy, MP3 audio

Queen of Shadows – preordered finished copy


ARC of Throne of Glass.  I was lucky enough to read it through an egalleys originally but I need all the copies!

So. . .can you help?  You can find me on twitter @gone_pecan or you can email me @ gone.pecan@yahoo.com  I hope to hear from you soon!!!



3 thoughts on “Have You Seen This. . . .?

  1. Sydney February 12, 2015 at 4:03 pm Reply

    There were no ARCs of The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas because they were originally e-novellas. 🙂 They just bound them in a hardcover and released them.

    Good luck with your search! I wish I could get into audio books, but unfortunately they aren’t for me.

  2. Raquel Romero June 8, 2015 at 8:41 pm Reply

    Hey what do you have to trade? Let me know on Twitter: @BSweetReads

  3. Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde June 27, 2015 at 9:19 am Reply

    I see you have the paperback version of Shadow and Bone on your wishlist. Non-ARC right? I have a copy that I plan to read, and when I finish reading it, I can send it to you. If I like it I’ll probably collect the hardcover copies. What do you have for trade?
    Email: lizziethesarcasticblonde(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @LizzieSarcastic

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