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Armada by Ernest Cline


Armada by Ernest Cline

Zack Lightman has spent his life dreaming. Dreaming that the real world could be a little more like the countless science-fiction books, movies, and videogames he’s spent his life consuming. Dreaming that one day, some fantastic, world-altering event will shatter the monotony of his humdrum existence and whisk him off on some grand space-faring adventure.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little escapism, right? After all, Zack tells himself, he knows the difference between fantasy and reality. He knows that here in the real world, aimless teenage gamers with anger issues don’t get chosen to save the universe.

And then he sees the flying saucer.

Even stranger, the alien ship he’s staring at is straight out of the videogame he plays every night, a hugely popular online flight simulator called Armada—in which gamers just happen to be protecting the earth from alien invaders.

No, Zack hasn’t lost his mind. As impossible as it seems, what he’s seeing is all too real. And his skills—as well as those of millions of gamers across the world—are going to be needed to save the earth from what’s about to befall it.

It’s Zack’s chance, at last, to play the hero. But even through the terror and exhilaration, he can’t help thinking back to all those science-fiction stories he grew up with, and wondering: Doesn’t something about this scenario seem a little…familiar?

SOURCE:  ARC & finished copy from publisher (THANK YOU!)


Memorable Quotes: 

Then they showed us the most disturbing government training film in history.

“Sorry Cruz!” I said, pushing my throttle forward. “But you’ll never guess who just showed up. Leeeeeeroyyy-”

“Oh, Lightman, don’t you even dare!”


Character Highlights:

Zack –  He’s basically a lone wolf for majority of the book and to talk about some other characters might be spoiler-ish.  So, what about Zack?  I loved him!  It made me a little sad reading that I was closer to his mom’s age than his (yes, I know he is fictional) because what nerd girl doesn’t love a nerd boy?!  He was a great MC and I loved his nerdiness oh so much.  A family that games together stays together right?

Overall Thoughts:

What can I even say about this book?  WOW.  If you loved Ready Player One you will absolutely adore Armada but I’m positive not a single reader of RPO doubted that fact.  There are nerdy things on every page and I do mean every page.  Go ahead and open up a copy and randomly read a paragraph.  Found something nerdy didn’t you? This is the type of book that inspires discussions among friends and family who are members of fandoms and texts with friends about how they are missing out on greatness if they don’t pick this book up STAT.  It is one of the best feelings in the world when you can find an author that 100% gets who their fan base is since I’m pretty sure he wrote the book for himself as much as his fans.

Armada is everything I could have hoped it to be and more and I look forward to a re-read when I can get my hands on the audio with Wil Wheaton (as if this whole situation couldn’t have gotten any more epic or nerdier.)  So I guess the only thing left to ask is how quickly can we get another book?




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