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The Radiant Road – Blog Tour


Today I’m a stop on the tour for The Radiant Road and I’m honored to host the lovely author Katherine Catmull herself as she shares. . .

25 Random Things About Me

  1. I am also an Austin stage actor who’s been in uhhh I bet close to 100 plays, from Shakespeare and Pinter to crazy things staged in airplane hangars.
  2. I am the oldest of six children which . . . asdfghjk. My childhood ladies and gentlemen!
  3. I am the voice of Oracle in the game DC Universe Online and Myrella Windspar, the real estate salescat, in Wizard 101—plus random mostly scream-y women in other games.
  4. Like most writers I am obsessed with pens and paper. Extra-fine-point fountain pens are the best—Pilot has nice cheap ones—and Leuchtturm Medium, either dots or squares (<— see, I’m not a total fascist).
  5. I tend to get in food ruts and eat precisely the same thing for weeks on end, but that’s perfectly healthy if those things taste good, right?
  6. I am utterly incapable of dressing myself in any sane or flattering way. My closet is 80% lumberjack, 10% frilly dresses, 10% I don’t remember buying that.
  7. I am very good at understanding things that can be held entirely in my head. If you need a software issue sorted or a manuscript edited, I’m your girl. But if it’s a concrete thing in the real world—say, painting a wall, or hanging a picture, or dressing myself—I turn into a monkey listlessly hitting a rock with a stick.
  8. I minored in French and Spanish in college and have forgotten all of it, sadly. But my accent is still decent enough to get myself into trouble in Paris, because I sound like I know what I’m saying.
  9. I’m married to a Cajun from Port Arthur who now runs a tiny alternative theater in Austin.
  10. I’ve written a bunch of short plays, most of which have been produced, and one of which was published in one of those monologue books. I also have a long play about a ghost I keep not finishing.
  11. Please do not give me a bowl or bag of potato chips, it will end badly for all of us.
  12. I am one of those slightly tedious gluten-free celiac people, but in my defense I was diagnosed at 19, well before it was a Thing. But thank god it IS a thing since now there’s all this GF stuff around.
  13. I was once taken prisoner as a suspected spy by the Moroccan military. It’s cool, we worked it out. PS that is 100% true.
  14. I have three things in common with John Green: 1) we both write YA, 2) we have the same editor/publisher, and 3) we both have younger brothers who are singer-songwriters in Missoula, Montana. Next step, clearly: 4) FAME AND FORTUNE.
  15. I sang backup in an Austin blues/rock/folk band for several years. I am not really much of a singer; I think they just found me amusing. Anyway, it was insanely fun AND I learned to drink (tbh, sip) shots of Irish.
  16. Like everyone else on this spinning green-and-blue ball I am obsessed with HAMILTON right now. Current fave: “Wait For It.”
  17. Last month I was in a scary-looking wreck on a freeway (me: fine, car: totaled), which my husband watched in horror from his own car, not knowing it was me. Isn’t that weird?
  18. Red wine? YES PLEASE. Also: champagne, darling!
  19. I have a weird talent for long, brooding, lonesome drives, fourteen or fifteen hours at a time. HEY SIRI. PLAY ALL THIS USELESS BEAUTY. [repeat]
  20. I am a super slow reader because I hear the book’s voice in my head as I read, which apparently slows you down. There are classes to correct that, but as it’s my favorite thing about reading, get away from me with your stupid classes. The rest of you don’t know what you’re missing.
  21. I am also a super slow writer, which is NOT my favorite thing.
  22. My grandfather was a Yellowstone ranger for 25 years, and my father was as well, for one season when he was only 20.
  23. Speaking of #22, I have an idea for a picture book called The Youngest Ranger and the Bear Jesse James, but don’t tell my agent, as he once said, “boy, I hope you don’t have any ideas for picture books.” Shhhhh.
  24. I cannot believe I thought of 24 random things about myself.
  25. Cats? Of course. One, feral when we met, is now sweet as pie though kinda jumpy: she reminds me of my husband. The other cat constantly bounces between his overwhelming curiosity and his overwhelming anxiety: that one reminds me of me.

Thank you to Ms Catmull for stopping by and sharing so much about herself!  Personally, being Cajun and having family in Port Arthur I need to know more!

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