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The Dark Days Club – Blog Tour

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Today I’m a stop on the tour for The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman.  She is sharing with us her inspirations behind writing this lovely book!

When I was thirteen years old, my mother gave me These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer. I opened the book and was immediately plunged into a dark street in Paris in the eighteenth century. A lone nobleman dressed in a silk and diamonds walks languidly along the cobblestones, a foolish target for violent footpads. Suddenly someone lunges out of an alleyway! The nobleman grabs his assailant’s wrists and forces them down with far more strength than his foppish appearance would have allowed.

From that moment, I was besotted. I read the book all that afternoon, grudgingly stopped for dinner when my mother called, then hurried back to it for the rest of the evening. When I had to go to bed, I read it under the covers with a torch. I finished it about three in the morning and as I thumbed off my torch and stowed it under my bed, I knew that something had seismically shifted within me. I had that glorious feeling you get when you have read a book that somehow changes you. I didn’t know it then, but These Old Shades had set me on the course to write my own historical adventure, The Dark Days Club.

I went on to read all of Georgette Heyer’sadventures—forty of them—and my allegiance shifted from her eighteenth century books to those books she set in the Regency era, from 1811 to 1820. I reveled in the fashions, the manners, the dashing heroes and the vivacious heroines. Once I had finished all of Heyer’s books, I moved on to Jane Austen and fell in love again, this time with Austen’s exquisite stories and sly humour. I danced at the Netherfield  Ball with Lizzie, promenaded at the Pump Rooms with Anne, visited Box Hill with Emma, walked the Downs with Elinor, laughed at Catherine’s gothic horrors, and shook my head at Fanny’s passivity. A good part of my teenage years were spent in Regency England and I loved every minute of it!

Fast forward to 2012. There I am, sitting on a tram in Melbourne, coming home from a writing conference and thinking about the session I had just attended: “Researching the Regency” by the wonderful Jennifer Kloester. Jen’s specialty is Georgette Heyer and her session had rekindled all my love of Heyer’s books and the Regency adventure story.  As the tram clattered along its track, I stared out of the window and idly asked myself a rather fateful question: what kind of Regency novel would I like to read now? The answer came in a rush of ideas: Heyer with a supernatural twist; Pride and Prejudice meets Buffy the demon slayer; a book where I could sink into the 1800’s and immerse myself in all things Regency. I grabbed a pen and paper and started writing the outline of The Dark Days Club.

Thank you to the wonderful Ms Goodman for sharing her inspiration behind The Dark Days Club.  Have you read it?  Want to read it?  Well you are in luck!


The lovely folks at Penguin are giving away five (FIVE!) copies.  Just follow the link below to enter.  US ONLY and it runs from January 18th – February 18th.  GOOD LUCK!

follow the link

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