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Literary Starbucks


Literary Starbucks by Nora Katz, Wilson Josephson, Jill Poskanzer, Harry Bliss (Illustrations)

Ever wonder which intricate, elaborately-named drinks might be consumed if your favorite authors and characters wandered into a Starbucks? How many pumpkin lattes J.K. Rowling would drink? Or if Cormac McCarthy needed caffeine, which latte would be laconic enough? Look no further; LITERARY STARBUCKS explores such pressing matters with humor and erudition. Set over the course of a single day, and replete with puns and satirized literary styles, the three authors go darker, stronger, and more global than the blog in book format, including illustrations by acclaimed New Yorker cover artist and cartoonist Harry Bliss.

SOURCE:  ARC provided by publisher for review

Overall Thoughts:  This one is very similar to Texts from Jane Eyre so if you’ve read that one I think you will also enjoy reading Literary Starbucks.  It is a quick, fun read about some of my (and yours I’m sure) favorite authors and how they and their characters might order or behave at Starbucks.  I found myself laughing on multiple occasions while reading and think this would be a wise book to add to anyone’s TBR that might need a little pick me up.  Short and sweet (just like the book) you can’t go wrong with this one.





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