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2017 Reading Goals

2017 Reading Goals

Guys.  Not only was 2016 a garbage fire for all sorts of things out in the world but in my own little corner of the world it wasn’t the best for reading.  I dropped my goal and still didn’t make it.  In fact, it pains me to say this but as I write this post I haven’t read a book in over a month.  OVER A MONTH.  Believe me it’s not because I didn’t want to, it is just life kind of got in the way and took over all my free time.  2017 though?  I’m hoping to change all of that and get myself back to reading and reviewing like normal.

  • Get back to my goal of at least 100 books read in a year.  My reading time has been sparse for a while now and frankly I can tell.  I’m much happier when I’m reading so this needs to happen stat.
  • Get my GR currently reading shelf down to no more than two books at one time (but actually finish what is already there.  The books I have there now have been there for months.  It’s time to finish and move on!


  • Finish at least 6 series that I have started.  I was going to say 12 series (one a month) but for some of these series I have more than one book to finish for them so that seemed a bit of a stretch.  Now if I can make 12?  All the better!  This steams from my problem with letting go.  I like to keep the worlds and characters on my head longer than I should.  I don’t want them to end!  Here are some of my options:
Dance of Dragons
The Raven King (on CR shelf.  Two birds, one stone.)
Outlander (from book two on)
Vampire Academy (from book four on)
Chaos Walking (last book)
Precious Stone (last book)
Daughter of Smoke and Bone (book two on)
The Bitter Kingdom
Gates of Paradise
Queen of the Tearling (book two on)
Remnant Chronicles (book two on)
  • Read at least four classics.  (Austen, Eyre, etc)  I’ve started collecting the Penguin cloth bound versions and want to actually read them and not just stare at the beautiful books.


  • Listen to at least 3 audiobooks.  I’m such an audio book snob and I’m hoping to change that.  Audio would really help me get to my reading goal.


  • Reread Potter (physical books).  I reread via audio in 2016 to prep for The Cursed Child (another book I haven’t read yet) but I’m actually going to Disney World and Universal in February so I would like to reread one more time before then if possible.


I’m sure I will have more goals but frankly these seem lofty enough.  What are you guy planning on getting accomplished in 2017?



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