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I Believe in a Thing Called Love – Blog Tour – A Starter Guide to K Dramas

Today on the blog we welcome Maurene Goo, the author of I Believe in a Thing Called Love.  Her book revolves around following the format of K Dramas so I thought it would be a fun idea for her to give you a starter guide in case you wanted to start watching them as well!  Let’s see what she recommends!

A Starter Guide to K Dramas

I know the world of K dramas can be intimidating—there’s SO MUCH out there. Where to begin? Here’s a quick starter guide to help you out. (For a more comprehensive one, check out the one at the back of my book, I Believe in a Thing Called Love!)

What are K dramas?

HIGHLY addictive, serialized TV shows from South Korea that last a set number of episodes—usually between 10-20 although it’s not a hard and fast rule. They run from melodramatic to comedic, thrilling to cozy. Basically, all the feels.

Where can I watch them?
Some are available on Hulu and Netflix, so those are good places to get an intro. However, if you REALLY want access to the good stuff, get thee to or, both are streaming services with the dramas captioned in English.

OMG. There are so many. Where should I start?

I often tell people that a good starter drama is Boys Over Flowers because it is so outrageous and fun that if you can last through that, you have unlocked your heart to the entire spectrum of K dramas. It’s a high school drama setting with all the tropes—in fact, it was the drama I referred to most for my “K Drama Steps to True Love.”

If you find that one just a bit too wacky, I also suggest Healer, which has a lot of good action, romance, and wonderful character-driven writing. (Also, the most swoonworthy K drama hero.)

What are your favorite K dramas?

For high school settings, I love the aforementioned Boys Over Flowers and the funny, poignant Answer Me 1997.

Action and thriller? I really loved Healer, Signal, City Hunter, and My Beautiful Bride.

Rom-coms that made me laugh out loud were Jealousy Incarnate and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Coffee Prince and My Name is Sam-Soon are also beloved classic rom-coms.

Swoony romances with a supernatural bent are My Love From Another Star and Goblin. Lighter, more fun fantasy instead? My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Oh My Ghostess, and Secret Garden.

So set aside an entire weekend of never leaving your house and enjoy! If you find yourself needing more recs or want to dip your toe into the K drama fandom, I suggest checking out

Happy drama-ing!



Thanks for stopping by Maurene!  Want to follow the rest of the tour?  Check out the blogs below.

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