Our Review Policy

We are readers whose main purpose is to discuss the books we read.  The reviews are our personal opinion & tastes.  We read/review YA and women’s fiction but if you’re not sure about a certain book, drop us a line!  We will be constructive in our assessment of a book.  Please note that submitting a book does not guarantee a review unless we are part of a blog tour or some other feature for that specific title.  If for whatever reason we cannot or would not like to finish a book, we will not post a review.

Things to consider when requesting a review:

*  We are no longer accepting self-published books at this time.   That’s not to say there aren’t some great books out there but our stacks are getting bigger every day and we need to catch up on them.

*  All emails will not get a response.  We love our blog but this is a hobby for us and our free time is limited.  Although, with that being said we still try to respond to as many as we can (we are from the South so our mamas raised us to be polite).

*  We do participate in blog tours and other events so please feel free to contact us about joining one.

*  We accept both ebooks and physical copies but there is an extremely higher chance of us reading/reviewing physical copies.  We love ebooks but as the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind.”

*  As stated in the intro submitting a book does NOT guarantee a review nor does it guarantee a specific date.  If you are looking for a certain time frame, etc please state so in your request so that we can see if time allows in our schedule.

*  Our reviews are linked here on the blog under our reviews tab, via our twitter and facebook accounts, as well as our individual goodreads accounts.

*  If you are looking for a review of a book and it doesn’t quite fit our blog we will try to direct you to another blog that we think might fit your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog and consider us for your book(s).  We are thankful every day for the blogging community and publishers who have been nothing but welcoming.


** We are no longer accepting requests at this time.**


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