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Inaugural Boo Box Barter

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


Hello and Happy Fall!!

As you may or may not have seen over on twitter I was wishing for someone to host what I’ve been calling a “spooky season” or fall exchange.  After thinking about it for a bit I decided to give it a go myself!  This is truly my favorite time of year and I know so many others enjoy it too so I wanted to see if y’all might want to participate . . . and the majority said yes!  (Cue I’m so excited!! a la Jessie Spano.) So let’s get started on the first (annual?). . .


I’m a sucker for alliteration what can I say?

So do you love Spooky season?  Is Halloween your favorite holiday?  Dress mainly in black (the color of your heart)?  Love skulls, witches, or follow Doth the Doth and wonder how he is so hot?  WELCOME, you are among friends!!

Or maybe that isn’t your scene and you are more into scarves, knee high boots, seasonal Starbucks drinks (Salted caramel FTW!), love football, tailgating, baking, etc?  Love a world where there are Octobers?  WELCOME.  Any and everyone who loves fall and anything that it encompasses are welcome to participate!

Now, for a few rules.  (I know, but there is always at least one bad egg.)


Since this is the inaugural exchange I’m going to keep it US only.  I’m sorry international friends but being as I’m getting this started later than I’d like and I’m not sure how participation will turn out I think that will help us get a base.  If the exchange goes well I will 100% guarantee to offer an international option next pass.  I do have another exchange I was hoping to start in July next year but again the first will be US only to get started if it gets off the ground.  Look at it this way – we can work out all the kinks before you join and make it that much easier for you!

*  Exchange will be US only

* Sign ups will run from NOW (YAY!!!) till Tuesday October 22 at 5:00pm/c.  I’m hoping to have everyone sorted within a day or two after so that way if anyone is more into the spooky side of things everyone has a little time before Halloween items are gone from the shelves.  If the swap goes well I plan on moving up the timeframe next year to give more time for my fellow spooky friends.

*  You must be willing to commit to mailing a package in the group you sign up for.  Failure to do so will result in a ban in any exchange moving forward.  There will be two groups to choose from so please think before signing up.

*  You must be active in the book community on some level.  Whether it twitter, Instagram, or your actual blog you must be active somewhere that we can verify.  Now you do not have to have a blog to participate – just be active among friends!  We will be checking to make sure so please make sure we can see your profiles.  I do not have a facebook so that is not an option for verification.

*  Try and provide a contact.  Obviously this is a loose rule. . .we’d like for you to give someone and I will specify here that the buddy should be someone active on one of these social media options as well so that your giver should feel they can trust to understand if help if needed but if you don’t have someone we won’t deny your participation.  Just know your survey is all they will have to work with and you might be short changing how awesome you are!

*  Failure to answer all questions will result in you being removed from the exchange so please fill out the survey in full!  Please email your completed survey to us at with your group number and “Boo Box Barter” as the subject.  I will do my best to respond that it was received and you have been verified.

*  Tracking will be REQUIRED and you will need to email that number to us once mailed.  I will be keeping all tracking information for reference.  Direct shipments from amazon, etc will not be allowed.  This is supposed to be a box you made specifically with someone else in mind, someone out there is making the same effort for you!

* Follow the deadline to mail.  All packages should be mailed no later than Wednesday November 13th.  I don’t want this exchange to interfere with any Christmas exchange.  This is a fall exchange which for me covers Halloween and Thanksgiving times, not Christmas.  Please do your best to commit to this time frame but I understand things may come up.  Please contact me immediately if you might be a little late and why so that I can let your person know they haven’t been forgotten.

*  Thank your giver.  We are asking that if you want to chat on twitter to use the hashtag #booboxbarter.  As of right now we are not planning a chat since it is a quick turnaround but please use the tag to help each other out, ask more questions, share hints if you want, and to thank your giver!  If doing a post on your blog or a post on Instagram please use the same tag in your post!  It is always nice to share and I’d love to get the word out so we can do this swap again next year.

Ok!  I THINK that is it for the rules so without further ado here is the survey for the BOO BOX BARTER!

Photo by Andrés Gómez on Unsplash


1. Please provide your complete shipping address.  Remember US only this go!

2.  Which do you prefer, Spooky Season or Fall in general?  Maybe a healthy mix of both?  (I will do my best to pair with someone who loves the same things you do to help but no promises!)

3.  Age.  Are you over or under 18?  Both are welcome as long as you can meet all other requirements for cost and time frames.  If you want to provide your exact age I will do my best to match you to someone close that might share more with you but I’d never require they provide their exact age. 🙂

4.  Links to your social media, blog, etc.  What platform do you use the most?

5.  Contact – who is your person?  You can provide a social media link or direct email, whatever they are ok with but again please make sure it is someone in the community on some level and that they are aware you are making them a contact.  If you do not have contact you must clearly state you do not and again understand your person is relying strictly on what was written and what you show online.

6.  Which group would you like to participate in?  We have two to choose from:

  • Group 1 – Price is $15 – $20.  This cost does NOT include shipping and you should have at least one book plus a minimum of one goodie, etc.
  • Group 2 – Price is $25 and up.  This cost does NOT include shipping and should have at least two books plus a minimum of 2-3 goodies, etc.

7.  Wish lists – Please provide a either a link to (must be public!) a wish list dedicated to this swap or a list of titles below.  If you use a shared wish list or a list you purchase from you could end up with doubles and that wouldn’t be fair to your partner.   I’m asking that if you sign up for group one please provide a minimum of five books and if you sign up for group two please provide at least ten titles.  These titles should be books that have already been released.  You can include ARC titles as well but they do not count towards these requirements.  Not everyone has access to ARCs and they should not be expected.  If you certain book preferences please include that here as well (hardback, verses paperback).  Used books are allowed but must be in good condition.

8.  A few of your favorite things.  What are the things you love most about fall/spooky season?  Favorite scents?  Collections?  Favorite authors?  Maybe you have a genre of books you love to read at this time of year?  There are no wrong answers!  The more info you give your person the more chances of you getting the best box possible.

9.  Lagniappe.  Down south we have a word for a little bit extra.  You guessed it – it’s lagniappe. (Lan-yap) So did I forget something that you want to include?  Add it here!


US Only at this time

Sign ups are from the start of this post till Tuesday October 22 at 5:00pm/c

Must provide tracking to the gals at GP by deadline for mailing, end of day Wednesday November 13. EMAIL:

So if you have further questions feel free to email directly or reach out to me (Kristina) on twitter – my DMs are open there.  I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible!

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We’re turning four! Come celebrate with us!

4th blogiversary

Hey! Thanks for stopping by on our 4th birthday!  We’ve loved writing our blog, making new friends, and being exposed to different types of books, and we want to thank you for being a part of it. For our fourth blogiversary we decided to keep it simple so we’re each listing our favorite books from the last four years.

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BEA – New Friends and New Books


GUYS.  I finally made it to BEA this year and it was so much fun!

**Note for most of the pictures I took them from the bloggers pictured with me.  I do not claim any of their pics as my own and I’ve linked back to everyone’s blog in this post.**

I decided to make one somewhat abbreviated post about who I met and what I picked up.  First up let’s chat about my roomies.

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It’s Our 3rd Anniversary!!


Well it’s that time of year again.  Our blog is turning another year older. Can you believe it?  We didn’t want to have this huge post about it but we are turning three (WOW!) so we are celebrating but still keeping it short and sweet.  Since we are three, we will share our top three posts and a few giveaways for our followers.  First up. . .

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Loveathon Interview Swap

For my loveathon interview swap I was lucky enough to chat with Danielle over @ Love at First Page!

1.  Tell everyone a little about yourself and your blog.  What do you think makes you different from other bloggers?

This is probably the hardest question! What to tell? I’m 24. Married. Have the cutest Australian shepherd puppy. I’m an avid NFL fan – go Giants! I majored in English Literature in college; read a lot of classics and modern literature. By the time I graduated, I was burned out and didn’t pick up another book for nearly a year. I then met a really great girl through Tumblr, and she introduced me to the historical romance genre. From there, I started using GR more, met some people, and that’s the rebirth of my love of books. Now I’m reading more what I enjoy rather than what I’ve always been told I should read. My blog is fairly new, but I’m having so much fun with it. It’s been a great way to meet new bloggers and participate in cool features/challenges. It also gives me an outlet to fangirl over my favorite book boys. 🙂

Hmm. I don’t know if this makes me different, but I usually avoid books if they don’t include a romance (I need at least a little swoon all the time!) and if they do include a love triangle (hate them).

2.  What are five (5) books, regardless of series or genre that you think everyone should read?

On the Jellicoe Road – this is the book that made me fall in love with the YA genre. I get a lot of flack when I tell people I read YA, but if only they knew how many talented YA writers there are. I’m convinced anyone who reads a Melina Marchetta book will never be able to look down upon YA fiction again.

Pride and Prejudice – my favorite classic. Witty, romantic, and loveable characters. Mr. Darcy should be every girl’s first fictional crush.

Night – I read this book in high school and it still haunts me to this day. It’s a personal account of a young Jewish boy’s imprisonment at a Nazi concentration camp. Horrifying and heartbreaking don’t even begin to cover it.

Any historical romance by Lisa Kleypas – she is the Queen of HR.

The Fault in Our Stars – fun fact, I actually have the quote, “My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations” tattooed on my right shoulder. I adore everything about this book, especially the words.

3.  What has been your greatest blogging moment to date?  Are there any upcoming events or signings you are looking forward to?

Just getting my blog up and running! I finalized my design recently, and I love it. It took me a while to come up with a blog name – I wanted something that was reader friendly and romantic. We all know the phrase, “Love at first sight,” so I think Love at First Page is a good combination of reading + romance.

I’m hoping beyond hope I can get to BEA this year. It’s very overwhelming, though. Bloggers, feel free to give me advice!

4.  What is a random thing about you that we don’t know?

Well, shoot, I should have saved the tattoo for this question! I have two other tattoos – a cross on my ankle and my wedding date on my back.

5.  Do you have a favorite character that you seem to be in the minority about?  What is it about them that you love so much?

Can I do the opposite? I’m not a fan of Rose Hathaway. She has this sizzling romance with Dimitri, and I admire her loyalty to Lisa, but I did not enjoy her as a character. Conceited is the first word that comes to mind. How she handled her relationships with Adrian and Dimitri after the third book was the last straw for me.

6.  What made you want to start blogging?

Mostly I wanted to get to know more bloggers and participate in all the fun stuff – events, challenges, features/memes, etc. I wanted to be able to fangirl over my favorite books too. I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, but I loooooove to talk about my favorites.

7.  If you could only read one book over and over (EEP) what would you pick?

It has to be On the Jellicoe Road. I could never give up Jonah Griggs.

8.  Where can we find you?  (links, twitter, blog, goodreads, etc)?

Goodreads –

Twitter –

Blog –

She’s a sweetheart to chat with a great new blogger bud, so obviously you need to go and follow her!


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Announcing That’s What They Said!


That’s What They Said is a feature we’ve been toying around with starting here at Gone Pecan (In fact I checked the date I started this post and it was in October, LOL) and we’ve finally finalized the details. Back when we started the blog (ok maybe we still do) we each posted predominantly either YA (myself) or women’s fiction (Daphne) but every now and then something would intrigue both of us so from time to time we would post reviews as “She Said/She Said” where one of us would write a full review and the other would add her two cents in the form of a mini review tagged on at the end.  Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t.  We thought why not expand on that idea.  From that thought, That’s What They Said was born.

Want to know how its going to work?

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