Crafts (bookish and some not so bookish)

I’ve recently started crafting various things again and thought I might share pics of what I’ve been working on as I finish up.  I used to cross stitch years ago and fancy myself an aspiring crafty person.  (I may or may not have been singing “I’m so crafty. . . ” to the tune of “Fancy” when typing that.)  In the past I’ve made some Hunger Games book marks but I never took pics so we are starting with new projects only. . . .

**All pictures are my own unless otherwise noted.**

Disney Princess Villains


This one was made for my villainous twin Alyssa over at Books Take You Places as a thank you for a rare ARC she sent me.

Lord of the Rings Cross Stitch

LOTRThis is a cross stitch I made from my blogger BFF Sarah over @ What Sarah Read for her #OTSPSecretSister Kristen @ The Book Monsters.  I kinda love it!

Luna Lovegood Cross Stitch


 I know how much Daph loves Luna (she might have dressed up like her one year for Halloween) so it was a no brainer what I wanted to make for her. . . I think the frame fits Luna’s personality too so I’m sure she would approve. 🙂 Pattern is from Cloudsfactory.

Washi Feathers


I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with these just yet but I’ve recently started obsessively collecting washi tape and I was thinking maybe some feather jewelry.  This is definitely a to be continued project.

Doctor Who Biscornu








I will admit freely I didn’t even know what a biscornu (just a fancy pincushion really) was until I saw the pattern for one. I purchased this pattern via Cloudsfactory and I made it as part of my “Old Lady Christmas Secret Santa Exchange” for Jen @ Feffer Books.

FRIENDS Cross Stitch


*Picture courtesy of Brittany*

This is another pattern I bought via Cloudsfactory and I made it for Brittany over @ The Book Addict’s Guide as part of our annual “Selective Collective Secret Santa Exchange”.


Check back for more updates as I finish my ongoing projects!



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